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Opinions, please! Will it make a difference? I am a little concerned over security.
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    Concerned over security? Something tells me that's the reason ICANN is leaving
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    Yeah I'm thinking security can't get any worse than what we've already been subjected to. And I'm guessing it will be falling into the very safe hands of other fellow "security" agencies/countries with very close US ties
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      Nothing is secure anyway, and doesn't mean your sites can't be taken away if Big Brother doesn't like them.

      Just march in line and don't make waves....
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      When you buy a domain YOU pay ICANN 18 cents!
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      Originally Posted by Michael Garett View Post

      This may sound stupid, but what is ICANN ?? :rolleyes:
      it means you can do anything

      Skunkworks: noun. informal.

      A clandestine group operating without any external intervention or oversight. Such groups achieve significant breakthroughs rarely discussed in public because they operate "outside the box".

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