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Love 'em or hate them, they are nonetheless useful.

That said I just received the following:
"When you send me to a wesite to download something I don\'t want to have to click several links or hunt around to find the promised gift... Oh, I feel so stupid, it is in a POP UP WINDOW.. No thanks, you can keep it..."

Now, I'm guessing this was a fellow warrior who clicked to download a free report in the WSO I'm currently running - there was a tracking link redirecting to the home page and not direct to the download (Mea culpa - should have been more careful, but hey, I'm not perfect).

I guess it goes to show the popup is useful after all as the person in question in their roundabout way told me about the broken link.

I'm guessing as the popup asked for anonymous feedback I may never have known about the link redirecting to the wrong page but the flipside is not being able to rectify the situation with the obviously incensed visitor by contacting them direct.

What other innovative ways have you used exit popups to find out pertinent information or "rescue" visitors leaving?

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