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You know, we were already talking a lot regarding traffic. But we all know that traffic is non-sense if you can't convert them into sales.

Could you please share some of your proven ways and techniques to Increase Your Conversion rate?
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    Build your product around your traffic instead of the other way around. People try to build traffic AFTER they have a product or selected an affiliate product/service to push. Talk about trying to do things the HARD way.

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    For me, you shoul communicate your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) well.

    We only have seconds to catch the user's attention. Our USP should be strong and direct so that a visitor may stay longer to your site.
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    Build a relationship with your subscribers, make them trust you, stop seeing them as just numbers on a list that you want to make money from.

    Give them great content up front without asking for anything in return (no money, no email sign up)

    Some of my best content, the stuff that's the most popular, doesn't directly make me any money.

    But that's OK because it shows I know what I'm talking about meaning people want to hear more from me which in turn results in repeat visitors to my site and people joining my list.

    There's lot of other 'tricks' to increase sign up rates but really making people trust you and building a relationship with them is #1 IME.

    Other more 'conventional' ways to increase conversions:

    Split test everything (copy, headlines, colour, position, wording, size, buttons etc).

    Have multiple chances to opt in / buy on every page of your site.

    Use testimonials from other buyers or successful marketers that people know and trust.

    Spend more time focusing on traffic that actually converts and less on the stuff not producing results.
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      Originally Posted by Stuart Walker View Post

      Build a relationship with your subscribers, make them trust you, stop seeing them as just numbers on a list that you want to make money from.
      This! This is really important. That would be my personal #1 tip if you want to get conversions.
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      Originally Posted by Stuart Walker View Post

      Build a relationship with your subscribers, make them trust you, stop seeing them as just numbers on a list that you want to make money from.
      I agree to this. First build your relationship to your customers by being transparent and sincere. We deal thru Internet, so we are dealing virtually. We do not have a face to face interaction with our customers so we need to build their VIRTUAL TRUST by being sincere and transparent.

      If they are still on a canvass or search stage, do not be pushy lend them some advice or help in choosing the right provider for the service or product they are looking. You will never know, because of your sincerity and concern, they might end up choosing your service among other providers because you show concern.

      Relationship Marketing is very valuable in Online Marketing.
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    The combination of selling, mixed with everyday life in emails.

    It does a few things...

    First and foremost it allows you to offer products through emails...

    But do so in a way that also shares your thoughts and opinions on everyday stuff

    It's a great way to get a ton more of your emails open, clicked...

    As well as have your opinion heavily valued
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    Advertising repetition. Not talking about spam here, but once again, official studies tend to show that people need to be exposed to a sales message a number of times until they actually commit to purchasing. You need to build a relationship between your prospects and a product. Emphasise the benefits to their lives that the product will provide. And play to their emotions. Humans are emotional creatures afterall, so you need to appeal to that part of their nature.
    "The scientific theory I like best is that the rings of Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline luggage." - Mark Russell
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  • I mainly sell my own products.

    With that said, I have a high conversion rate for my drawing lessons, I think because most of them buy after watching many of my free drawing lessons on Youtube.

    I have a report with them, so to speak. I am not just a total stranger they don't know. They have seen my teaching style, dig it, then see I have some art courses for sell and choose to buy one.

    However, I notice that if I try to advertise to complete strangers, my conversion rates drop drastically. So, I think the best marketing first introduces you and what you do for free before offering anything for sell.
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    When you target the right people who need what you offer your conversions will be higher.
    Know what you offer
    Know the benefits
    Know the ideal customer
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    I think some people get fooled into thinking that traffic is all about volume, but of course the wrong traffic to the wrong product isn't going to produce good conversions.
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  • My steps are

    1. Collecting leads
    2. Sending followup emails
    3. Selling them sending the selling emails for the product related to the list
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    testing, testing, testing....

    One small change such as an image change or a sub-title change can totally spin a campaign around.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    Attracting buying traffic is always the end goal but can be challenging to get started. Obviously understanding your market and catering products to them is key.

    However, quality syndicated content makes a huge difference as well. Create awesome content, syndicate before you promote, and you attract higher quality traffic.
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  • Hi,

    These days people like video more than other promotion marketing ways, but the question is how you have to transfer your message to them correctly then they will stay more on your page ?

    I hope that I helped you

    For Your Success !
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    I think you can best increase your conversion rates by making sure your message meets the need of the audience you are promoting to. I haven't said anything real fancy here, but if your message isn't hitting any hot buttons then you should expect a low conversion rate. There are other factors as well but to me this is the primary thing.
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    If you want to convert your traffic into lead then firstly you have to more focus on your target audience. You should provide better facilities and services to your customers with reasonable rates. Plus you can include contact information, free newsletters or trials of your product. It will help your customers to know more information about your product and your company.
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    This is very interesting topic. Much obliged.
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      Ok conversions; a big topic I must say. On a few of my sites I go full out on psychological methods in site design. Color and imagery as well as a few humorous lines can bring down a visitors defensiveness and also gives you the opportunity to burn your site into their memory. Your site should be unique and different from others.

      For instance I have a few real ugly sites with yellow backgrounds and black fonts. Ugly as sin, but these get returning visitors over my plain jane vanilla template sites.

      I also use sliders which seem to get more conversions than any banner size and placement strategy I have ever used before. The only exception is if I use animate.css with a banner to bring modest attention to the ad.

      Another thing is I don't try to hard sell to a customer. I work on establishing trust, direct comms, support and remind them via profiles that there is a real person behind the words.
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    Split test everything to get higher conversions: AD placement, link color, headlines, copy length, video vs text and so on. It's all about being patient and never stop testing...
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      Originally Posted by WordpressManiac View Post

      Split test everything to get higher conversions: AD placement, link color, headlines, copy length, video vs text and so on. It's all about being patient and never stop testing...
      This is good advice. It's so easy now there's no excuse with tools like Optimizely, Visual Website Optimizer etc etc.
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    Our website about is about assignment is your service best for this ?
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    You can use A/B split testing software and see which page outperforms the other

    This of course requires you to drive a lot of traffic to your offer and to do this
    in a short space of time you'll need to pay for that traffic.

    If you have the budget and can afford to be at a loss for the first few weeks/months
    then that's fine.

    You could build a list and send out emails every single day asking your list
    what they would like to learn from you.

    Then just simply create your offer based around their NEEDS.

    Your conversions will be MUCH HIGHER doing things this way.


    ...You could find where your PEOPLE or TARGET MARKET hangs out online.

    Then try to get them onto your email list and increase your conversions by
    only targeting those who are already looking to buy the kind of products and
    services you provide.
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    I think advertising is the best way. Every niche virtually is full of competition so you need to be where the other people are not. Focus on casting a small but strong net rather than a weak massive one.

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    I'm not going to add to this discussion even though I might do so in the future. But I can point you to a great resource. There's a site called The Daily Egg. It has tons of great content related to conversion optimization, design and copywriting.

    Conversion Optimization, Design and Copywriting Tips from Crazy Egg | The Daily Egg
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    what is your business model?
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    These three are proven winners. I can guarantee they will increase your conversion:
    FREE SHIP - doubled my sales
    FREE GIFT - 10% more
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