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I have been away from marketing a long time. Since Google started dealing with animals like pandas and penguins actually. But I want to get back into the game. This time with a different mindset and purpose.

I am building an online ministry. I really want to provide real value to people.

I used to read about people who got most of their traffic from sources other than Google. But I wasn't one of them. I used to use spun articles to build my search engine rank through the links in them. I have since discovered that was not only bad for my site in the long run but also unethical.

So what works now for traffic that has stood the test of time?
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    Welcome back!
    Affiliates and solo ads.
    And look out for the hummingbirds too ...
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    Originally Posted by jbearnolimits View Post

    So what works now for traffic that has stood the test of time?
    Paul Meyers created this thread for traffic you should be able to find what works now a days in here

    Welcome back and beware of the big G with its new changes. Like the poster mention above about Hummingbird.. Make sure you have a rich quality content site.
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    In a nutshell, just think like someone who is going to Google with the intention of looking for information: What are they hoping to find?

    If you clicked a link that had bad grammar and horribly-written text, would you like it?

    Alternately, if you found pages like you'd see on Amazon,, or eHow, you'd be a lot happier, right?

    Use that as your foundation.

    -- TAP

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    I'm not a big fan of SEO... it's something that we pay attention to about 5% of the time in our business, so really, it's something that isn't BIG for us...

    What we like to do is PAID traffic using various networks... in order to get into paid traffic, you need to make sure you've got your offers in order... meaning you've got a few products that are priced appropriately to make paid traffic worthwhile. If you don't have those offers/products/services, then create those first.

    I can only speak for my business, but over 75% of the time, we're also building the list.

    You might want to look into that strategy.
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