Sniper Site VS. Authority Blog

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In the long term, do you think sniper sites (many of them) or authority blogs will be more profitable/rank better in google? I'm fond of both, so I would like to have some input from some fellow Warriors.
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    I would have thought the answer to be obvious: authority sites.

    Think about the sites you regularly visit when you are browsing. What's the ratio of authority sites to sniper sites?

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    It can be very time consuming producing small laser targeted sites. I think authority sites are the only way to go. But you can always try and create some laser targeted sites and see how they rank. If they rank well there is definitely money to be made. Its good experience for building an authority site as well.
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    Authority sites build brand and... yup, you guessed it... authority. If you are asking which would be better to spend your time on, I say authority sites. If you have a team, split the efforts and split test your results over time.
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    Sniper sites are OK for a short term business. But if you are looking to build a long term business, I would suggest you to go for building a authority sites. Authority builds your brand and slowly you will see the growth of your business.
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    Sniper sites are good for one time usage. Basically your gonna develop them for a particular type of person, once that person gets to it and does what you want them too, they wont have a need to go back to it. That's why they're only 7/10 pages long.

    Authority sites are obviously better because it's updated information and gives a user the curiosity to go back. To be honest if your having trouble deciding, create a niche site with an authority name and transform it as time goes by, this way you can test a "sniper method" and work to build it as an authority.

    This is the strategy im using right now
    - build 14 niche sites
    - make money from them
    - money i make will be invested into more content and working on the layout and usability.
    - this way i feed my satisfaction of trying sniper or niche sites and work for the long term at the same time.

    i'm not referring to niche sites as being snipers, i don't want to confuse anybody.
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    Sniper type sites may still work if you have ways of driving traffic to them, but with regard to organic traffic, it seems like authority pretty much has become the only way to go, since search engines want to see a continuous stream of quality content etc.
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    I have to go with authority blog. Imagine the brand that you could create for yourself... hundreds of people online linking back to the high quality content and discussions that you have for your readers on your site. Hands down authority my dude.
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    Sniper sites are dead. The good news is authority sites are not as hard to build as you think.there are faster and loerr cost ways to build authority sites.
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    Try a mix of both. Sniper sites do still seem to be working for some marketers but great keywords are proving more difficult to pinpoint.
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      My smaller sites slowly died away then i put all efforts into larger authority sites that snowballed into massive traffic machines.

      Monetization on the authority sites is so open ended, I mean you can do anything. You're not limited on products like are with micro-niche sites. My authority sites target huge markets like personal development and fitness so there's never a shortage of topics or products to cover.
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    Authority sites are the obvious answer, but it takes serious effort to make a good one.
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      Another point to consider...when at my peak with micro niche sites I had close to 150 domains I was managing. I never want to do that again lol All of that effort spread over so many sites grew to be a managed headache after a while.

      I know other marketers have hundreds more domains than i did, but I don't want to be in that position ever again. There's no reason to be. A handful of authority sites can equate to a beautiful income when done right.
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    do both. 80% authority blog and 20% sniper sites. to avoid the "all your eggs in one basket."
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