What screen size should you record IM salesvideos? 640x360??

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I want the salesvideo (typical salesvideo with black writing on a white background) to play at its clearest whether the visitor is watching the video on a mobile or on their laptop.

Should i record the video at 640x360, then produce it at 640x360 and then play it on the website at 640x360?
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    640 by 360 seems a bit large to me for display on your site.

    Personally, I use the mac software screenflow to do the actual screen capture. Then I simple render it down to a small size for display on the site.

    If it were me, I would be looking at more like 320 pixels wide.

    However ... TEST IT.

    Do a sales page with the video at 320 and another with it at 640. Leave EVERYTHING ELSE the same as much as physically possible.

    Now see which one converts better and use that one.

    Don't listen to me, my gut, or anyone else on here. Let your market tell you what it prefers. Since they're the ones that will be giving you money, their opinion is the only one that really matters.

    For actually doing the split test, just do a web search on "a/b split test php script" and you should be able to find quite a few free ones out there.

    Hope this (admittedly somewhat of a non-answer) helps.
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      But aren't youtube videos 640x360? (i think).

      Surely whatever size youtube videos are set at, have been set that way so that they play optimally well depending on whether someone views the video on a desktop or on their mobile.

      Roughly speaking, the size of a youtube video looks about the same size as the screen on most mobile phones.
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