Is hiring a PPC expert a good idea?

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Hi all,
I have recently launched a new site with a few partners.
We have raised some pre-seed money and we want to take the next step in regards to marketing and sales.
I have some past experience with PPC and i have created the first few campaigns for the company but i think the time has come for the experts to do their job and handle this area of our project.
so I have a few questions for you fellow warriors:
1. Is it a good idea to bring in a freelance PPC expert to setup our campaigns for us?
2. do you think we need to take a few people for a testing period with a minimal budget?
3. if so, what is the minimum budget for such an experiment?
4. wouldn't it be smarter to contact an affiliate network, place a PPL campaign and let the affiliates do the hard work for us?

thank you ahead of time for the help i know i'll get
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    I wouldn't bring any freelancer in that doesn't have a track record. Too much of a risk.
    Get someone to write a bunch of PPC ads for you and do your own testing first. Then bring someone in to see if they can beat it and manage it for you. Do your homework on the person you bring in.

    If you lose money, you still have to pay him/her.

    -Tony M.
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    I'd rather by Perry Marshall's book, then apply the same techniques to all of the legit/response driven PPC sites (note: there aren't many). You dont need to hire a PPC expert. YOU become the expert.

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    Not me, but then again, I wouldn't do PPC to begin with. Google pretty much killed PPC quite a while ago.

    Now the only people that can afford to risk money on PPC are those who can spend their money on effective advertising anyway, and so still don't bother with PPC.

    So it comes down to, you are either too poor to attempt PPC or you are wealthy enough not to have to mess with PPC. =D
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      First, thank you all for the response.

      learning PPC is not really an option for us because there are many development tasks that we have to put our minds to.

      Regarding bringing in an ads writer, I admit we haven't considered that, I'll check it out.

      The reason we chose PPC in the first place was the fact that it can be easily tracked and calculated as opposed to PR and other marketing efforts which we also use.

      thanks again
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