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Hey Warriors!

I will be launching a "non-internet marketing product" on Clickbank.

I have a sizable email list from a relevant niche that I have never emailed (most of the list was obtained 1 - 2.5 years ago).

What are the best ways to start small, tweak whatever needs to be tweaked in the product/marketing, etc. ...and get the product off and running?

I have never emailed that list ...but I put a lot of time into building that list ...but never maintained it or built any relationship with them. If I email them they probably wouldn't even remember opting in or who I am.

What do you recommend in terms of the email list? My tone towards them? ...send a short email upfront and just try and get them to see the new products pitch page (trying to get max eyes seeing the new product pitch page)? ...Or first, email them with freebies/cookies/try to build relationship? (but this risks many opting out and never even seeing the offer ...or just getting bored and not opening later emails)?

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    Or more specifically...

    What do you recommend I do before I launch the new product to:

    - My full email list (this is a large/relevant email list that I have never emailed and they probably have no clue who I am).

    - and top affiliates/JV partners?

    Thanks a lot!
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      It's all about relationships and making the list trust you.

      You need to prove to them your expertise is worth listening too which means you need to show them what you can do - this doesn't mean pitch them something when you haven't mailed them for more than one year and half.

      I would first set out your stall, tell them what your long term objects are for helping them, do some case studies, get some examples of how people have made money in the niche in question and show what is possible.

      Only after you have a relationship and people are actively engaging with you would I think about sending that 'buy this' mail shot.
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    Originally Posted by TheWebGuy View Post

    I have a sizable email list from a relevant niche that I have never emailed (most of the list was obtained 1 - 2.5 years ago).
    Then you do not have a list.

    First step: get an email list.

    If you do not mail at the very least once a month your email list turns
    into a liability. More than 20% of the emails will bounce and the
    ones that are deliverable will have forgotten that they ever signed up
    and will complain.

    The only result from mailing to that list will be a headache.

    You can however revive that list.

    First run the list to a list cleaner (check undeliverables) and then start to mail something now to segments of the list. Not more than maybe a few thousand at a time
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    Like the above poster said, try to revive the list. Send out an e-mail that will appeal to the majority of your list. Try to build a relationship over again.
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