What is being kept away from you?

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So this should be a fun question to answer (and I want your honest thoughts and feelings) ... when it comes to becoming successful online, what do you think is being held back or kept away from you right now?
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    There's nothing held back from anyone. Everything anyone needs to know about how to run a successful online business is there waiting for them.

    The sooner everyone trying to make it realizes this and starts asking questions and looking at his/her fellow marketer as a companion and not an adversary, the faster we can all help each other

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    I agree with Mike, I used to suffer from paranoia that everyone was out to rip me off. Once I lost that, I started making much better progress.

    Of course giving the impression that you are keeping something back can be one way to attract prospects. Intrigue.
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    I feel like money is being kept away from me. I do everything this forum says yet my bank account still says $0. If anyone knows where i can find some money please let me know ASAP.

    I am looking for ad swaps pm me if you are too!

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    One of the major reasons is belief in yourself and the willingness to put work into whatever project you are working on.

    Until you get that part right, you are going nowhere ... fast.

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      someone not answering my thread

      and the re-occuring memory loss and cognitive issues from a neck and brain trauma I have
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    Everything is in front of your eyes. There are difference in understanding. You may feel that something is hidden from you but infact it is the difference in understanding and the level of capacity you have.
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    Originally Posted by TimCastleman View Post

    ... when it comes to becoming successful online, what do you think is being held back or kept away from you right now?


    Your question plays right into the hands of those who believe "it's not their fault" that they can't make any money online. Their success, or lack of it, is held in the hands of others.

    The reality has always been, and always will be, that every individual is responsible for his/her own success. Everything that is needed is available . . . somehow, some way.

    Internet marketing success is not easy, but it will never be within the grasp of those who are not willing to accept total responsibility for their own business. We all have to push forward, figure out what works for us, work our way around the obstacles, and then execute on a daily basis.

    IMers advertise their product or service as "the missing link", the "key to success", the "only solution you'll ever need." They offer that thing that is being held back or kept away, as you put it. Baloney!

    What is missing is the drive and willingness of the marketer to study, learn, experiment, test, track, push past obstacles, and execute until the desired outcomes are realized.

    The very best to everyone.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    The fact that Gurus are marketing to you and not marketing with you.

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