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Hi, does anyone know a way to only get the primary email address of your visitors when they fill in opt-in forms? For example, my primary email address is but if I want to stay under the radar, I use my Yahoo account of

I don't want people to use Yahoo, Hotmail etc addresses when they download my free stuff

Regards Bruce
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    Look into your auto responder settings for a campaign/account wide block of email addresses...

    Some commercial auto responder companies out there have them... if you can't find it, then it's best to contact your auto responder company and ask them directly... but from what I know, most of them have this feature available.
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      Thanks a lot for that advice it makes sense
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    Hey Bruce, I think people will just do as they like.

    If you offer something of value that they really want and they decide they want to hear from you again, they'll give you their primary email address - if they're not sure they'll give you a dud.

    Imaging you meet a gorgeous girl on a night out - if she doesn't really think your a dude she'll give you a made up phone number, if you hit the right spots you'll get the real thing!

    Just blocking all Yahoo, gmail or hotmail addresses doesn't solve anything - I know loads of people that use these as their main email addresses, and why not? they work just fine and they're free.
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      Very true, maybe that's why I got all those wrong numbers as a young bloke!
      Thanks for your help!
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    Ask for there primary or best email

    As apposed to: Enter your email below
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      Yep, that's a quick way to get a better response. Thanks for your reply
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    people do not want your, or anyone else's, crap in their primary email box.


    "If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time" ~Steve Jobs~

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