Where do I stand LEGALLY?

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2 years ago I've got email from one of the warrior from whom I purchased WSO for 7$. I thought that his WSO was helpful, after couple of days he send email promoting one product and telling that author is the best. I thought okay let me check. It was a video like 60 min long and it was so convincing that I decided to buy thinking I have a year to ask for refund. There was up-sale with consultation by phone and thought obviously it will be helpful to communicate with creator. It all cost me $1000.

I've got into membership area and start waiting like stupid what next? Members area was so messy, I can't figure out a thing. After few days nobody contacted me and I emailed to support. Okay they replied after like 7 days and asked me to fill-up the forms for setting landing page and auto responder.

I was patiently waiting thinking this is how its supposed to be. I have to go through complicated process to arrange for a phone call, but still I was thinking this is the way it supposed to be. So when he called I explain that I just sold my offline business and would like to try online. He asked me did I fillup the setup form? I said I don't even know which name to choose this is why I took phone call package.

I asked him how many times a week I should call him and duration. He said wherever I need for 1 hour. So he didn't help me much, I was even more confused. After 1 week I setup again phone call, he was late and said to me today will be 15 minutes call. I start asking questions particularly why everybody will be getting same landing page and same auto responder emails. He said nobody cares about it.

Than he asked me to go and get traffic on exchange networks. I spent next 1 week on EN but all what I got is members sending me private messages with promotions. I haven't got any sign up. On the next call I told him it didn't work for me, and he said that I will figure out everything myself. The next call he cancelled saying that he was having horrible cold.

I waited patiently again but I start realising that this is simply cheating from his side, it was to much work for him to do. I came here on WF and search about him, that I found thread where people asking about this product. I thought maybe someday else was treated the same way like me and maybe I can talk to this person.

So to keep it short that particular thread about his product is the mess and now I understand that it was planned this way, the whole lunch was planned in such a way catch big fat bucks but didn't give anything. The 2 years pass by and I realised that he already knew from the beginning who is going to be his buyers and he new a perfect way for cheating. I went few times on his webinars and now I realised that all of them was recorder but setup in such a way that you thinking it is live. I feel so stupid, I went to the members area but everything is gone.

Now he has a website with his name, everything so convincing with big promises and what I want to do is just shout with all my heart that he is a big fat lier. All what I needed from him is advise how to structure my business. I want to tell the whole world that he is most sleekest scammer I ever seen. He smiling from his website like saying common do you have a guts to contact me after what I did to all of you losers.
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    For the love of....... please use spacing between paragraphs, this is tough to read. Hint: use the "edit" feature.

    "Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out."
    - Jim Rohn
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    Seriously. Use the enter key every few sentences. I didn't read past the first sentence and I doubt many will

    Too lazy to write something clever here, so check out my marketing blog and learn from a REAL Super Affiliate at JeffLenney.com

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    Well that was one hell of a long paragraph..

    I'm afraid the world is full of people who are desperate to make money and many of them would scam you as soon as blink. It's just the way it is.
    Sometimes they have good intentions but their products are just no good, either way you lose.

    After two years you're unlikely to be able to do anything about it.
    Focusing on this probably won't get you far, you need to direct your energies in a positive direction.

    I think you should learn from this and be very careful who you trust.

    There are plenty of people, many on the Warrior forum, who are offering good products that offer sensible advise on making money, just ask about - you've just got to find the right ones.

    Never give up - there is enough wealth out there for everyone.
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    I got dizzy trying to read that whopper of a paragraph...

    But if you are asking where you stand legally in terms of refunding, then unfortunately it's tough.

    Whether you are legally entitled or not is a way different question to whether it makes sense to pursue litigation. Is it worth spending months and maybe $5k is legal fees to get your 1k back? That's why a vast majority of things like this never go anywhere.

    With that said, if there was a clear refund policy, most people go to the payment processor used (credit card, paypal, etc) and try and get a chargeback or some other credit.

    The biggest benefit is that now you'll be more careful who you deal with...in business and particularly online. It's tough to swallow, but that lesson is probably worth well more than $1k.

    Lots of great and honest folks out there though, so just do your research and get on the right track. Good luck!
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    Kenster, You have way more patience than I did. I didnt finish the first line and I gave up on readign this one. +1 for you man.
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    As others have already said.Rachael...really hard to read, please use paragraphs in your posts if you want help..so easy to do.

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      You can always go back to your post and hit the edit button and space it out and hit save.

      Do it now so you can get more replies
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    Do you want to go after him criminally or civilly? if you take him to civil court, you might get your 1k back... but what would make it worth it would be punitive damages, thats the big money in a civil lawsuit, consult with a lawyer.... there are statutes of limitations for these things both civil and criminal, again consult a lawyer. if he did this over the internet and its as criminal as you feel it might be, then that's considered wire fraud....again consult a lawyer.... you've already spent alot of money on this guy, whats another 100 bucks for a legal consultation.
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    I am really sorry that this happened to you. It's sad that you were preyed upon. I wish the world wasn't filled with such predators, but it always has been and always will be.

    I doubt there is much you can do to get back your money. But if I were you, I would never buy any get-rich-quick scheme again. Again, I really feel bad that this happened to you.

    Just remember there is such a thing as Karma and those who cheat others will someday pay a heavy price themselves.
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    You learned a very big lesson. Since it has been so long, there is really not much you can do. Even credit card companies have a time limit for chargebacks, usually 90 days or something.

    I'd chalk this up to experience and be much more careful about who you give your money to in the future.
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    You aren't going to get your money back. If I were you I would tell everyone I could about your experience to try to save other people.
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      Originally Posted by palmtrees View Post

      You aren't going to get your money back. If I were you I would tell everyone I could about your experience to try to save other people.
      you can't say this for sure, you dont know the statutes of limitation for this issue or what his legal options are.
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    Thank you for taking time and reading my post. I got overemotional last night when I finally realised the whole scam scheme. I wouldn't get any help from this guy even if I pay him all money in the world. I'm sure now that he was treated the same way and that what he is doing now in revenge to all people in the world. Karma is waiting for him.

    This is an open forum, regarding your PM. I'm not going to swallow anymore my pain, I've got email with offer from respected warrior and he put money higher than his reputation. After 2 years they both gone, so please don't tell me not to ask legal questions. If my story will save at least one person from this king of scam, I will fill less pain.
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    rachel get yourself a lawyer. Get him to a lawsuit. Make him suffer
    Worked as a senior editor on ThePricer.org, experienced in financial topics
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      How can I do this now? Even sale page gone, everything gone.

      I check weybackmachine thinking maybe I can recover membership area for some proof but everything is gone. Yesterday its all finally become clear to me that this is was perfectly designed scam scheme by someone who done it many times, they kind of know psychology of newbies. All what is left his website with his name and "Wherever you need, just ask as" slogan.
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    I`ll try to let you in on something, I`ll pm you now. Just keep it between us two and the wf admins
    Worked as a senior editor on ThePricer.org, experienced in financial topics
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      It sucks to have this happen, but really the longer you dwell on it, the less productive you will be in your quest to be an IM success. Do impartial research next time and find established and credible training and move on and become a huge success. Make buckets of money and turn this bad experience into motivation. Report the scammer, but after that don't allow your self to be drawn down the rabbit hole of negativity and vendettas. As they say, Success is the best revenge.
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