Lading page help: my conversion is $#!@

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Hi guys,
i am part of a new startup company and we are currently facing a very low conversion rate.
can anyone have a look and tell me what's wrong with my landing page?

thank you very much for your time
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    most of our traffic is from mobile..
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      Originally Posted by MunkMurray View Post

      most of our traffic is from mobile..
      I think it looks good.

      However, if you are getting low conversions i would try a new headline:

      "Sick Of Searching For Games That You Will Love?"

      "Never Play A RUBBISH Game Again...With The GameOn Project You Will Get Games YOU Will LOVE Everytime To Match YOUR Taste!"

      Check out this short video and learn how you can have MORE fun PLAYING and less time downloading BAD Games....

      ^ Just a few ideas - you can of course get much better.

      My point is LEAD them down the page to a desired action.

      What's in it for them?

      What do THEY get?

      BENEFITS not features...

      Hope this helps...

      All the best,

      Chris Jones
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    So, your conversion rate is low?

    What about sending some traffic to your landing page first.

    I saw that your video had 980 views. That is nothing. That's not
    even 10 bucks worth of traffic...

    And then you might want to get a reliable hosting company.

    I went to your site, took a look and 2 minutes later wanted
    to explore it further and... down.

    With a web site that is down you conversion rate will be zero.

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    I am not really a landing page expert...but as far as my aesthetics work, Games have a lot to do with graphics and colors...and your page didn't gave me a feeling to stay more than 3 seconds...

    I am learning the landing page creation these days and it has a lot a lot to do with attention grasping visuals and graphics plus right font size of text....

    I hope this feedback helps you a little bit
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      thank you all, really.
      me and our graphic designer are having a really hard time understanding why the conversion is so low.
      i'll definitely do some AB testing with different titles and text.
      but i'm really lost with the graphics and the general page design..
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