My First Spreadshirt Shop, Your Thoughts?

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Hi everyone,

I am new to IM and the t-shirt business in particular so I would really appreciate your feedback on my first Spreadshirt Shop. What do you think about the designs, the niche, Spreadshirt in general?
Unique t-shirt, sweaters for entrepreneurs!

Any comments and feedback are welcome!

Thank you in advance!
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  • Profile picture of the author Joe Crosbie
    Hey @Produket,

    I really like you're concept, it's definitely something I'd be interested in! However, I was let down when I visited your site, somewhat by the design, but mostly by the T-Shirts.

    I do like the text you have on them, it's just their design is pretty weak. If I saw them on the high-street, I wouldn't be inclined to stop and buy one.

    Check out Eric Thomas' shop, he has some T-Shirts with super nice designs.

    Try adding some graphics, ideally, you want the T-Shirts to sell themselves and I just don't feel as if they are doing that right now.

    - Joe,
    I chose entrepreneurship over further education despite being laughed at by my friends and family..

    I recently hit the "RESTART" button on my life, read my personal blog to find out how I did it :)
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    i'm no t shirt connoisseur but they look a little simple honestly. like if i was a customer, i could probably do them on my own. maybe u could try a different font or something but for now i'm not sold. but as i said, i'm no t shirt expert so don't take my word as gospel
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  • Profile picture of the author Melody
    The designs are not 'simple' - it's called 'clean'. One of the top selling t-shirts ever was the
    nike 'Just Do It' slogan...doesn't get much more basic than that.

    If the message strikes a chord with the audience - you don't need much more than the message.

    Our first "Digital Yard Sale"! A massive PLR Blowout Sale to help a friend pay medical expenses.
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    • Profile picture of the author Produket
      Thank you guys for your valuable feedback!
      I'll try to tweak the designs, add some graphics to some of them.
      And come back with the results in the next week.

      Afterwards I am going to start promoting the shop and some design in particular.
      I'll try some free traffic sources to get my feet wet and check conversions rates.
      These are some of the sources I was thinking about:

      · Youtube
      • Mention the shop in comments
      • Contact owners of youtube channels for entrepreneurs
      · Facebook
      • Join groups for entrepreneurs
      • Post on popular facebookpages about entrepreneurs (contact owners)
      · Stumbleupon
      • Promote shop directly or inderectly by promoting Tumblr blog
      · Tumbr
      • Start Tumblr blog with the t-shirt designs and/or entrepreneurial quotes
      • Start pinterest blog with t-shirt designs and/or quotes but aimed at female entrepreneurs
      · Etzy
      • To promote shirts (maybe it's better to focus on the shirts with extra graphics)
      What are your thoughts on these traffic sources for a t-shirt business. Do you got any experience with these sources?

      Thank you in advance,

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  • Profile picture of the author Brendon Zahrndt

    I want to preface this by stating that I have made hundreds of thousands of dollars in eCommerce in the apparel niche.

    I consider myself an entrepreneur, and a creative one at that.

    In my opinion your designs are too basic.

    I am assuming here, but my assumption is that most 'entrepreneurs', like myself all fancy themselves as creative and artistic.

    Your designs are neither creative nor artistic, IMHO.

    They don't need to be flashy, but I wouldn't buy any of those shirts.

    Work on the designs, and create categories for each on the site so that there aren't three or four on the page that all have the same or similar titles.

    That's a good place to start.

    You don't have the brand recognition to do something like a Nike swoosh and have it blow up because of it's simplicity.

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