Can someone help me set up a sales funnel?

by elynch
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Hi guys. I need help getting my autoresponder set up in the correct sequence. As an affiliate, I want my visitors to go to the offer. I have a squeeze page, leading to the thankyou page, and the freebie. Where does the offer fit in? HELP!!!
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    On the thank you page, a great place for a oto.
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    Offer the product on you Thank you page first.

    Also drop the link in your welcome email.

    Go ahead and add it to your second follow up email as well. It's all about how you position the information.

    All three. Thank you page, first follow up, and second follow up.

    Get aggressive but not pushy.
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      Thank you for your help Brendon Zahrndt and kenatace, I appreciate it.
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    The offer comes after they opt-in. This is how your funnel should look.

    Traffic>>>> Squeeze page>>>> affiliate offer >>>>> First email in sequence should be sent out right away>>>>>>This email gives the lead access to their product thank you page and offers the affiliate offer again. Which can then be done over again over the next 3 emails.
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      Thank you Bill Hugall for your help. That's the sequence I thought, but I'm having trouble setting it up.
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    you can just a meta refresh code on your thank you page. and rediret them to the offer
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      Thanks actionplanbiz.
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    affiliate offers are ok but if you can try to create your own product because you have much more flexibility

    Don't forget exit redirects, they are handy for squeezing out more opt ins and sales

    If they don't opt in to your squeeze page and you are promoting an affiliate offer you can use an exit redirect and still send them to your affiliate offer even if they don't opt in

    It's all fun and games trying to increase your ROI :-)

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    I 100% agree with Paul. Go for your own product. With an affiliate offer all your doing is giving away the email list you worked so hard to build.
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