Retarget visitors on Facebook

by bgr
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I Just started a few blogs last month and I am using advertising to promote it initially. So far I have been able to grow my daily viewership to over 1k unique's a day. With that growth I also getting a lot of natural back-links. With traffic I am starting to be bring in natural organic traffic as well. So overall it has been working for me. Traffic is cheap if you know how to buy it. Plus If you look around there is a lot free advertising as well.

I am at the point now where I want to grow repeat traffic. One Idea I am thinking about is running campaigns by dropping cookies on viewers and then showing them an ad on Facebook to like my fan page.

Has anyone done this and what is the effectiveness. I have done some Facebook advertising but it seems to be a waste of money to invest in a Facebook fan page. Facebook seems to charge to reach nowadays.
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