New Study Shows The Worst Time To Send Emails... It's Not When You Think!

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There is a new sutudy out on clicks website showing when you don't want to send emails you can check it out here
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    Originally Posted by Thomas Michal View Post

    There is a new sutudy out on clicks website showing when you don't want to send emails you can check it out here
    The worst time to send emails is the time that you don't send one.

    Just be real. Real people send emails at all kinds of various times of day and days of the week. I've found that works out a lot better than following these "studies"
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    Good article, thanks for sharing!
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    If you have a responsive list then

    a good time to email them would be anytime.

    If people are actually looking out for your emails

    then I can't see how they wouldn't open them.
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      Unless I'm missing something, the study merely reports the most popular time emails are received. It's an assumption to therefore say that's the worst time.

      A study of food outlets would probably show that the most popular opening time for sandwich bars is lunchtime. Doesn't follow you'd sell more sandwiches if you opened yours at 4:00 p.m.

      And the article omits to explain how to get all your subscribers on the same time zone.


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    People like email because it lets the receive, and send, communication whenever they want.

    The only really regular time I check my email is when I wake up, and I do it sporadically throughout the day as well, and Im guessing this is like most people. They check when they have time. So as long as you send the email, time sent isn't going to help you make more sales. Its the actual email that makes the difference. your subject line, your previous relationship with your subscribers, the value of the offer etc.
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    Actually I found that the best time to send emails to your list is Thursday 8 pm and Saturday 10 am.
    I have done my own research so these are my results. It could be because people get ready to not do anything on Friday behind there desks, but then Saturday is the day when you can fill up the time you lost Friday
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    Good article, but to be honest I don't get too hung up on when I send my emails, if the list is responsive, it will respond anyway.
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    Studies are good to... study them. Gain ideas from, and see how we can use it to better our lives and businesses.

    For me, there's no universal principle of "the best times to send emails"...

    Really, that "best time" is going to be on an individual basis.
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