[Traffic - Getting] CRACK or FLOUR... anyone?

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Preface: Somebody made a post about reselling traffic gigs from Fiver which is a BAD idea because MOST traffic from Fiver is "junk traffic" and won't convert.

I thped a reply explaining the importance of traffic that CONVERTS but couldn't post it - the thread got closed (probably because the OP was self promoting),

Anyway, I feel my post is valuable so here it is...


I agree that traffic is the "be all end all" because WITHOUT IT it's hard to get customers.


I question though, the QUALITY of the traffic you can get from fiver gigs.

That's the part that wasn't mentioned here.....

QUALITY traffic is what converts to customers. Anything other than that is simply smoke and mirrors.

Following the metaphoric nature of this thread.....

"QUALITY traffic is like CRACK.... "Other" traffic is SUPPOSED to be crack but ends up being just FLOUR instead.

EDIT:. Here is the thread that inspired this post.....

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