I'm starting TODAY!!!

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I was made redundant (construction)
Usual story, been 'learning' for six months.

Today I will buy my very first 'program' and work on making money....
I'm looking forward to making real progress instead of just thinking about it. Well....here goes...the most important step of my life...getting very close now...I'll download it within an hour or two.....or maybe I'll do it tomorrow instead......just kidding!
By the end of the day I think I will technically be an IMer.(Technically lol)

For all the noobs like me, Heres my personal feelings (everyones different.)
A little nervous=Are my dreams about to come true? Or am I about to be very disappointed?
I have been hoping that my work ethic will make sure I achieve my goals, but I'm not 100% sure it works that way...
Can I create the change in my life that I so desperately want? Or do I continue to think about it? Again I don't want to be disappointed...
Well I'm sure I'm not the only person going through these types of problems (oops-I mean challenges) and having doubts ect. And your not alone either! I don't really have an answer for these (and all the other) questions and ya know what? It doesn't matter, cos I'm going to do it anyway!
Good Luck...oh wait I don't believe in luck...
In that case to all the noobs I say go for it...with the intention of achieving your goals-does anything else really matter?

To the future
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    Good, you make a correct choice!
    Even if you can't see any good result at the beginning, don't simply give up. Be persistent in your works.
    Keep it up!
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    Jell you are on the right track.You're TAKING ACTION! AND If you work hard and smart you WILL achieve the goals you set for yourself. Also just a tip- Don't buy to many programs,you can get much of the info here free.
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    Great job man.... What program are you buying?
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    keep that enthusiasm. Too many people get into the IM business and lose steam too early due to not getting the instant gratification. Watch these forums and keep learning something new everyday with the rest of us.

    Check us out beforehand, only looking for those who are ready to earn. Contact us for interview, no longer accepting "blind enrollments". Training available at no cost.

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    Congrats are in order.

    I hope by saying you're buying your first program you mean you're going to purchase your first online business course and not some mlm/recruiting people junk.

    What will your first online business course be?

    - Create your own info-product model?

    - Niche Affiliate Model??

    - Online business affiliate marketer model?

    - CPA Offers?

    Don't sweat it, just think of everything as a test and you must take action in order to achieve your goals.

    All The Best To You & Yours!!


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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    Good luck, its great you are getting started. Remember its all about testing, tweaking and changing.

    If at first you don't succeed remember you are one step closer.


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    Hey Jell,

    The number one piece of advice I could give you at this point in your journey is:

    Do not get sidetracked by chasing "the next big thing". Stay focused, concentrate on the basics of internet marketing and give yourself a chance to succeed.

    There will be failures. Every marketer on this forum has had his/her share of them and, if you learn from them, even the failures are educational and beneficial.

    Let us know how things proceed -

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    All respect to you. There are those that maon about being out of work (although i am sorry to hear that you were made redundant) and then there are those who proactively get on with it. Hope it works out for you, glad to hear that you have done some research.
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      I'm very happy for you man.I know how it is to lurk around WF, finding for a product among the endless list, and finally taking action.
      I wish you the best of luck!!
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    Hi Jell, I am new to IM too and have been "messing around" with it for a few months. I bought a WSO today called the Newbie Workbook from Bryan Zimmerman. I am not trying to plug his offer but after reading through it found exactly what I needed to do and a track to run on instead of trying everything at once in a very haphazard way!

    Good luck anyway and keep posting to let us know how you do...I will too!

    Cheers Keith
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    Need SEO Advice? Happy to help just get in touch.
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      Good luck to you.
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      My IM Course Will Get You Up And Running.www.InternetMarketingSaint.com
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        Good luck!

        Like some other people said, you need to focus. Work on one project at a time and bring it to completion. Promote it and see what results you get.

        However, if you've done everything you were supposed to and it didn't work, don't stick to your failed method. Most people have to try a bunch of different things before they find something that works for them. Keep that in mind.

        - Leon Klepfish
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    You're on your way.

    Great work ethic, and best wishes,

    Not promoting right now

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    Spend slowly and learn quickly on the warrior forum. Take this advice to the bank.

    Good Luck
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    Awesome - just stay focused... I remember when I first started out - I had no forum - no knowledge of adwords - but I had someone to help me and he knew a little bit about PPC - all I did was actually copy his campaign word for word and it set me in motion. Alot has changed since then and I'm on my own this time around. But trust me you guys it's doable - it works if you want it to work... Think of it like an actual business - your goal is to spend marketing money to make money to continue to run day to day operations. Watch your limits - think outside of the box - stay focused - and keep telling yourself that failure is not an option. FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!
    Just Make It Happen - Stop Making Excuses! Only failure is not taking action!
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  • Profile picture of the author Sheryl Polomka
    Take Action

    Stay Focused

    Don't Give Up!

    Welcome to the world of IM and I hope you do really well with it. There are so many people turning to the internet now that jobs are scarce and so is money. Unfortunately many fail and that is because people give up too soon. Too many people spend too much time leap frogging from one business opportunity to another without ever spending enough time and effort on one thing to make it work.

    So if there is any advice I can give you it is to be determined and put the effort into your work. Choose what type of opportunity you want to have a go at and really give it all you've got and don't give up on it too quickly.

    Good luck
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    Hi Jell,

    As a newbee, I couldn't give you any tips, I'm here drop a line and let you know that you are not alone. Just like mediaguy said "stay focused", we can't handle so many things (whithat/grayhat/whitehat/cpa/seo/offline....,) we could start from the basic.

    Good Luck
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    From another newb - you are definitely not alone - I'm facing loss of home and all -- but after messing around trying without really committed direction for over 2 years and making no money - I have finally decided to quit my job in 3 months 01sep09 and either go up in flames or finallyl succeed. Split commitment translation - "sort of" focus doesn't work -- at least that's been my experience -

    I wish you the best -- i'm gambling the farm and now that I've decided I feel better than I have in years - 21 years at a grind I've hated with a paycheck that increased my credit debt every year. Time to grab the bull by both horns an ride him.

    good luck to you
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  • Profile picture of the author Li Weng
    Good luck. Congratulations for taking actions.
    Whatever course you invest in, make sure you
    stick to it and make it work for YOU before you
    invest in something else. Keep at it.


    - Insert backlink here -

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      Well, I think we all have the same feeling when we are starting on IM. What important is that you never give up if some application or marketing methods don't work the way you want it. You'll soon distinguished what works best for you as you go along. Also, don't jump from one apps to another. Try to analyze first why does it's not working for you this could save you a lot of time and money purchasing every products that's available in the market now.

      Best of luck, pal.

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    Good Luck ,just being here and reading will help you tremedously,focus on one project initially and see it through ,then rinse and repeat .. and beware information overload.
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