Buy This or you will die!

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I guess the old way of convincing a customer to buy and try your product is long lost, the new wave must be resorting to threats of catastrophic consequences to get a customer!

In doing research for my new book, I stumbled on a minisite promoting their latest weight loss product.
When I came across this sales line in the ad copy;

"If you don't act now, you may not live much longer!"

Now wait, because here is the best part: The ad continues;

"even though we've never met I do in fact really care about you."
"Under different circumstances and had we actually met, who knows, you may have become one of my closest could just as easily have been my brother or sister, or someone close to me."

Holy Soap Opera! Are they trying to sell me something or fall in love with me?

Is this a new way to promote and if so, I have come up with a few of my own new internet marketing sales pitches, let me know what you think;

How about:

For the Make Money Niche: Act now or you will never amount to anything. Face it, you're already poor and broke, why not just give me your last few dollars and see if this offer/program/etc might help your sorry ass?

The stop smoking niche: Hey! before you puff on that cancer stick one more time hurry up and click, you could have a heart attack at any minute and I don't wanna lose the sale!

Anyone have any other great sales lines I could use?
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