My Personal Sharing=) What is Internet Marketing?

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The best definition of IM I've come across is this one by Frank Kern:

"Internet Marketing is using the internet to deliver the right message about an excellent product to the right people at the right time"

Let's break it down...

Using the Internet:

IM differs from traditional marketing in that we are leveraging on the power of the internet to get our message out.

Traditional marketing relies heavily on expensive TV ads, newspaper ads , magazine ads, billboards, brochures, direct mail and telemarketing etc.

This is in contrast to internet marketing where we are making use of pay per click ads (e.g. Google ads, Facebook ads) which allow us to measure advertising ROI (return-on-investment) more accurately and effectively, social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter), webinars and email marketing etc.

Deliver the Right Message:

What and how you communicate to prospects will make the difference between making a sale and... losing their interest. You want to highlight benefits instead of features. You want to make sure you have a Call to Action so they know what you want them to do. It's things like that that are going to make THAT difference I just talked about.

An Excellent Product:

This goes without saying. You MUST be promoting EXCELLENT products. If you promote crap, not only will you lose your prospects and customers, you're going to get negative word-of-mouth that's going to affect your entire online business!

High commissions doesn't necessarily equate to an excellent product. Review the product for yourself. Is it something you would endorse, even if you do not make a single cent doing it?

Right People:

Know who you're targeting. For example, if you are trying to help golfers improve their scores, you won't be recommending the latest autographed football to them, right? (Unless of course, you have done a survey and found that most of the readers who read your golf blog and subscribers who sign up for your golf newsletter are also into football)

Right Time:

Timing is everything. Repeat after me... Timing is everything. Most marketers get things backwards... They try to promote/sell before they've delivered MASSIVE Value and built up their credibility and a trusting relationship between them and their target audience. They do not take the time to find out what their readers and subscribers need first. That's why they fail to get the opt-in. That's why they fail to make the sale.
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    “Internet Marketing is using the internet to deliver the right message about an excellent product to the right people at the right time”
    Is a personal interpretation of the definition. Internet Marketing is anything transmitted over the web. Email, Video, Text Ads, etc.

    A good internet marketer knows what type of marketing, what type of message to deliver and were to deliver.
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