Complete newbie in research phase.Help needed.

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Hey guys,I'm new here,and I'm ready to take a action.I have some ideas on where I'm going to start,but information overload has brought about some confusion.
It's come down to site flipping,affiliate marketing,CPA or most recently conduit websites.The whole idea of site flipping,website real estate,appeals the most ,but I'm afraid a high start up costs (of which holds a tight leash on me) and web design might be an issue.
What do you guys think of conduit websites?The idea behind a recent WSO by xctang looked fantastic..unfortunately I got to it a little too late.Affiliate marketing seems the most viable way to make money from almost nothing,but I'm not sure if free trafic methods still work in such a saturated market,correct me if I'm wrong.
Any input on this would be much appreciated.Before you make any suggestion though,take into account that I am starting at ground zero,complete newbie with no knowledge about the technicalities of web designing and what not.
in any case,thank you in advance for your time.
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    Which model mentioned above is easiest and best for you to conduct given your skill set and personal financial situation?

    Have you decided on your niche??

    From reading your thread, I also get the feeling that you may not understand that there is a difference between the IM niche and other niches.

    You do understand that selling how to make money stuff is just one of the available niches for an online business and not the be-all to end all when it comes to online business.

    It's your decision -make it!

    Hope This Helps!!


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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    Not that more information is going to do anything to help information overload, but there's a bunch of free ebooks on that you might find helpful -- covers everything from affiliate marketing to SEO tactics, to joint ventures, PLR, viral traffic generation and everything in between. You'll likely find at least something that will give you the info you need.

    Best of luck!
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      To be successful in affiliate marketing, you must find a niche that has:

      * high demand (i.e. a lot of popular keywords at Google)
      * low competition (e.g. a relatively small number of search results for those keywords)
      * merchants with affiliate programs that pay generous commissions.

      Low competition means that:

      * it's easier to rank high in the search engines (so you can get free traffic)
      * the cost per click is still (relatively) low (so you could afford some paid traffic)

      Finding a good niche is not an easy task, but with a bit of work you'll succeed.

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    Hi S Kumar,
    I recommend not letting information overload get you bogged down. Choose something, anything! and get started. I would start with a free blog at blogspot because you can sell from a blogger blog. Choose a longtail keyword, at least three words long, and put up one page and a place for customers to buy something over in a sidebar widget. Then go get links like crazy! All kinds of links. The sites with the most links are the winners. I recommend picking something you already know a lot about to start. Keep getting anchored links to your site hours and hours a day. Do linkbuilding until you are bored to tears. Then do some more. All the free linkbuilding techniques still work, do them all. No follow links are good, do follow are good, low PR links are good, high PR links are good. Links, links, and more links.

    Oh, and did I mention the number of anchored links is more important than the appearance of your site?
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    Articles on your choosen niche submit to ezine articles fist and the the others ,then add as many links as possible ,social bookmark mentioned earlier blogger is free simple and owned by google althou8gh you will not own the site it makes for a cost effective start.Good Luck
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