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Hey i'm promoting products through a niche website and I was wondering if its worth switching to small commerce site from CJ for high commission % or amazon really has good convertion and isn't worth switching.
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    i guess what I'm trying to say is since amazon is well established website people feel more secure buying there and losing 2-3% is good since they may have better conversion rate.

    anyone have same or conversion rate from other websites or amazon is really good for that.
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      Amazon depend on seasons I think

      can't depend much ..unless you create 20 or even more sites..each specialise on just one products..

      for me..I can't afford ..thus only one website...more on electronics till lifestyle...
      I try to squeeze all different kind of niches inside..since I can only afford one site...
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    Stick with Amazon dude. The additional trust value is going to help you so much with conversion.

    Plus, with Amazon, when it comes to things like christmas, valentines day etc your income will skyrocket. This is because on top of the additional surge in traffic, Amazons upsell game is on a whole other level.
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    Yes Amazon do have the trust factor but there is no reason not to promote other affiliate offers from CJ or other affiliate programs as well as digital products if they fit in with your niche. You can even do price comparisons between different companies.
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      I think Amazon is the best although it pays lower commissions than CJ, but I think it is more established and people are more willing to buy from it. This is the general principle. Regarding your niche I think the best thing is to test and see. Try for a couple of months Amazon and see the earnings and then switch and see the results. You will decide afterwards.
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    both Amazon and CJ are great and will increase conversions. Amazon is well respected but pays you less. A little of each is probably the best way.
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    Go for whatever brings in the most profit. Do some split testing, different offers work best with different affiliate programs.
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