How to get an autoresponder email to look the same as a web page

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Hi Warrior Gangster Rappers

I received an email newsletter recently and the contents of the page essentially looked like a website. When I clicked a link which said "view this online if you are having trouble reading in your email"...and it basically went to a web page which was exactly the same as the email....almost as if the html had been just copied into the email.

...using something like Aweber, does anybody know how this is done...or do you literally just create a html email and then copy the code from the website? Or an easier way?

Cheers troops
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    Most email services I've used have this feature. I think it's there for people who have HTML turned off in their mail program and for the odd glitch than would make the HTML unreadable.

    So *any* HTML email would look the same in your inbox and on the web page that link takes you to.

    If you want the email to look like a web page, it's a matter of coding the email properly. You might be able to do that in Aweber or GetResponse (I've never tried) or you might be able to hire a coder.
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    I have been using get response they have many templates as well as a create your own, it is very simple to use and the customer support is very helpful and nice.
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    Hey Phil

    Like the others above said this has become a standard feature of the major autoresponder services out there. I use GetResponse and they have a ton of really nice looking templates.

    What I will say though is it might be worth the effort to split test your options. Don't assume that the more visually appealing email is the one that will convert the best. Keep an eye on open rates and clickthrough rates when compared to the cleaner looking, black text on white background emails.

    I find that many of the big name marketers out there have stuck with "simple" and they seem to be doing ok financially

    Might just be that you don't even need this feature.

    All the best

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    I have never used that feature because I thought that plain text message converts better than others. Also almost all emails I receive in my inbox are text messages.
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    Just wanted to pop in and add that the medium your emails are being viewed on matter as well. Some of the larger email services have annoying HTML-based emails for viewing on mobile devices.

    Similarly, if people don't turn on your images, that might mess up your layout as well.
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      Hi Phil,

      it's done by using an html template.

      if you're using the full url for everything
      (ex. instead of as if
      you were linking from the same site
      then it should work good.

      Send a test email to yourself
      and you'll know.

      if anyhting then (you or someone)
      make changes till it looks like you
      want it.
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    1. Open your HTML editor like Komposer.
    2. Create an email like you create an web page.
    3. Go to Source code tab. copy between <body tag to </body tag. (exclude these tags)
    4. Paste it on 'HTML email' textarea in your Aweber. Save.

    (If you are comfortable with creating HTML with an online editor, use the html editor in Aweber itself).

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    The best way to do this is go into your auto responder and create a email template and you can add images, links, content etc. that is the best way I can think of.

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