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Hey guys

I've recently launched two wsos, one with jvzoo and one with warriorplus. However, I haven't gotten ANY affiliate sales yet. All my sales have come from organic traffic from the wso section. I do have four affiliates, but they haven't sold anything yet.

So what do you guys think? How can I make affiliates work for me/help me out/attract more affiliates to my offers??

Any advice is appreciated!

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    I'm promoting 22 affiliate items right now and have two that I'm the affiliate manager for. So, from both of those perspectives, my comment for you is that it's a numbers game. These days, you really need about 1,000 affiliates to get 50 good affiliates that actually lift a finger to do something. So, mentally, you need to set your own mindset properly so you don't get discouraged after having only four affiliates and not getting sales.

    Affiliates really need to be actively recruited and trained how to sell your product too. If you don't have the time to dedicate to that, you'll either need to find someone who can or just be okay with not expecting much from affiliates.

    I haven't dug in to find out what your product is, so treat this as a very generalized statement when I say I'm just not seeing affiliates looking actively for their next big web marketing get rich quick ebook to sell anymore. Apps and other software maybe. Lead gen, maybe.

    Plus, the payout needs to be about $25 per sale or more just to get affiliates attracted to the offer. That gives them some measurable dough to play with for ROI.

    So, if you haven't been able to attract affiliates that produce, I'd suggest starting at those spots and change your plans.
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    Network, network and then network some more.

    These days there are bunches of folks clamoring for affiliate attention - you need to do something to stand out.

    Some things might be:

    1.) Make it worth the affiliates while to promote you (ie, 100% commission because after all, they're sending their list to your become part of your list)

    2.) Proactively network and share ideas and suggestions with colleagues. Join JV groups on Facebook and be a resource.

    3.) Buy the products of popular affiliates and drop them a line saying, Hey! Bought your product, love what you teach, thanks for providing it. ie, get known as a real live person who has a real live interest in what people are doing.

    Are folks still doing JV videos (ie, customized videos for specific JVs?). That's another idea - make yourself stand out that way as well.

    And it goes without saying... make sure you're offering a quality product an affiliate would be proud to share with their list.

    Hope that helps!
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      Hey! Bought your product, love what you teach, thanks for providing it.
      Yes! Buying products offered by other affiliate marketers is a great way to get into the door with established affiliates with established lists. That's worked for years.
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  • Thank you so much guys! Will definitely try to talk to some of the folks that I've bought products from in the past and see if they would be interested!

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    What are your earnings per click?

    I mean if you could only send on email today and knew you'd get (say) 100 clicks then are you - the affiliate - going to promote the products with a $1 EPC or the products with a $0.50 EPC?

    It's all about the Benjamin's.
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    May I be so bold as to ask how your products have sold so far? Because that is the number that will attract affiliates.
    Get to 100+ and you'll have affiliates coming to you. Before that and it's a tough go. Sure you can get into facebook and join all the product launch groups you want, but the serious affiliates will still look at your stats.
    My simple advice? Make sure your product(s) are fantastic. Hire someone to do some awesome copy that will crank up the conversions. And watch as the affiliates come on board.
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    Just sent you a PM. I think I can help you.
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