How To Make 100,000 Now

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Just a quick tip to get your business to 6-7 figures really FAST.

What I'm about to tell you may go against what you've been taught
thus far to think in Internet Marketing. I'm not an Anti-guru (In fact
my mentor is considered a "Guru"). I'm not a conspiracy theorist.

I'm just a real dude who been in this internet marketing game for
some years now, with quite a few wins under my belt, including
the #1 music production site on the internet (Endorsed by various Celebrity's)

Also well versed in e-commerce with a custom clothing line that's
been sold in stores, in music videos, performed in at major concerts,
featured in huge media (interviews, feature stories, etc...)

Not to brag, but just to let you know I've been at this for a while
and know my shit. I've bought everything from $2,000 guru marketing
internet courses to $47 clickbank affiliate marketing ebooks to $100
per month internet marketing membership programs.

When it comes to IM, It's safe to say I've seen it all, or at least most of it.

Internet Marketing is now the California Gold Rush.

And for most people they're buying shovels (Ebooks, courses,
etc) digging for gold.

But the problem is they never learn HOW to dig for gold.

They don't know anything about gold mining. Just basic

Then you can't figure why you see other people hitting the
MOTHER LOAD, while you keep diggin, and diggin, and can't
even find a nugget.

It's no different in Internet Marketing. If you're not making
6-7 figures per year there only ONE reason.

There are many small reasons, but they all lead back
to this main one.

It's not entirely your fault because you've been taught wrong
by a lot of these marketers who just don't know.

So here it is...

The quick way to 6 or 7 figures only.

Well the secret is to treat your website like a REAL BUSINESS.

Because that's what it is.

"But, Daniel don't give me that real business crap tell me how to make stupid cash"

Well my friend you are about to find out why they are 1 and the SAME.

The Cold Hard Truth About Making Cold Hard Cash

The money is in the marketing. but that doesn't mean marketing is
your WHOLE business.

Marketing is just a part of your business, just like customer support, content writing, financial, Secretary, among others.

The problem you are having is you are trying to do all of them
instead of focusing on the one you are most talented at and
love to do.

For most internet business owners are passionate about
their niche. Whether it be piano, bird watching, cars, etc.

The surefire way to lose your money fast is to try to be
jack of all trades and handle all parts of your business by-yourself.

The reason is you can only focus on 1 at a time and there
are only so many hours in a day.

So naturally while you pay attention to 1 the others are
getting screwed up.

So instead of BUILDING your business, you spend all your
time putting out fires...


You spend all your time stuck in paralysis not knowing what
you need to do next.

But this post is about increasing your cash flow NOW, so we
are going to focus on the MARKETING side of your business.

The Will Change The Way
You Look At Internet Marketing Forever

I want you to think of your internet business as your CAR.

That's right.

Your job is to keep your car running as smooth as possible.

So when your engine needs fixing, where do you go? To a mechanic.
Running low on fuel, shoot to a Gas station... Wheels wore down, Go
to a tire shop.

It's no different than your business. IF YOUR MONEY AINT FLOWING RIGHT,

The money is made in the marketing. But listen... YOU DON'T HAVE

In case you didn't get it I'll say it again.


"But Daniel, that goes against everything I've been taught".

Well you've been taught wrong my friend.

For your website to make lots of money, and actually sell shit,
it has to have a killer marketing plan.

From follow up emails, to salesletters, to free content. All of
it has to be persuasive and top of the line.

Half ass marketing strategies get you half ass money.

You need to let people passionate about marketing and are
actually GOOD at it do their job.

It's funny because people tell me, "Daniel, I'm passionate about
internet marketing".

And I tell you, "No your not... You want to make alot of money
and live your dreams, and you THINK learning how to internet
market will get you there.

So the million dollar question is, WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE?

Very good question.

Well if you haven't excelled at marketing and you've been at it for over
a year, you're probably NOT passionate about internet marketing.

A person who is truly passionate about internet marketing isn't
learning it for the money. They are doing it for the put joy
and intrigue of it.

You look at guys like Eban Pagan, John Reese, Or Frank Kern,
and you think you want to be like them.

But you don't. YOU WANT THAT TYPE OF MONEY. There is a

Those guys love MARKETING. Learning pyschology, persuasion,
selling, etc... That's why they've been studying/devouring it
for years. And continue to do so.

When they bought a marketing course, book, etc... do you think they
let it sit on their desk collecting dust?

Why not? Because they are passionate about learning marketing.

But heres the kicker. If you give them guitar books,courses, etc.. it
would end up collecting dust.

Because they are not passionate about it.

So you are trying to force yourself to learn something that you
really don't want to because you think YOU HAVE TO make money online.

"But Daniel, All the sales letters say I have to learn all this stuff".

I'm sure they do. But all you need to do is hire an experienced
marketer to come up with a MONEY MAKING MARKETING PLAN
for your business.

And that's the true secreting to exploding your business now.

Money is the lifeline of your business... And if the money
aint right... then you need a new marketing strategy.

It doesn't matter how good your product is, if you
don't market it effectively, you won't sell jack sh**.

So let me break it down into simple terms.

1. You want to earn 6-7 figures RIGHT NOW.

2. In order to make 6 -7 figures you must have a superb marketing strategy.

So let me ask you which one makes more sense.

should you

A. Spend THOUSANDS of dollars and YEARS learning the marketing, selling psychology, etc... Or

B. Let someone who already knows all that stuff give you a first class
marketing plan?

That's a powerful question. Remember you are ready to make money
NOW. Learning psychology, going through courses, and trial and error
all take time.

It's no different than when you need a new engine for your car. You don't
go buy a bunch of mechanic courses, books, etc.... You go to a friggen

So if your marketing aint working, you go to a friggin marketer.

"But Daniel, What if I really am passionate about learning marketing".

No one says you still can't learn marketing. What I'm telling you is
if the money is made in the marketing, and you want to make more money NOW,
then you're going to need a better marketing strategy NOW.

So if you want to continue to struggle, then be my guest.

But I'll let you in on a little secret.

When Frank Kern wants to make money in the guitar
niche he doesn't go buy a bunch of books, courses,
etc... on playing the guitar.

And he may REALLY want to learn how to play guitar.

But if he wants to make the money now. He goes
and finds a guy who ALREADY an expert at the guitar
and pays him to do the guitar work.

It's called circulation. And when you get a deeper
understanding you realize that's not only how business
works, but the whole world.

The guitar expert wants to make money online NOW in the guitar niche, he hires
the marketing expert.

The marketing expert wants to make money online NOW in the
guitar niche. He hires the guitar expert.

When you can truly understand the concept of this whole thread
then you have unlocked the secret to making 6-7 figures NOW.

So I'll leave you with this.

To make money it's not WHAT YOU KNOW, but

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  • Profile picture of the author AfteraDream
    Good post, you definitely need to treat website or a blog like a business if you want to earn good money, build your brand, build trust, be good at it and don't just build something and then flip it..
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  • Profile picture of the author morry
    Nice post. If you're a newbie or even someone who's failed to break the 6 figure mark, read over this post again and again. Way too many people fail to realise you need to run a business, not a collection of random schemes.

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    • Profile picture of the author Tony Dean
      Thanks for a good post Daniel.

      Nobody can do it all themselves, so outsource to the experts to get things done.

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  • Profile picture of the author nicholasb
    if more so called marketers just understood this they would be much better off
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  • Profile picture of the author actionplanbiz
    i think there's more people focusing on driving traffic then realizing the other aspects such as copy writing
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  • Profile picture of the author drwynn
    im keeping this one to remind me of why i am doing this when things arent going my way.
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  • Profile picture of the author Kevin Williams
    Thanks for this, you're an inspiration to many of us
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  • Profile picture of the author jefferybaxter
    Smart man
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  • Profile picture of the author goliathseo
    Very smart, to the point that he has even reminded me of a big point I have missed when producing my ebook. Its on success in business and this is a BIG issue that 95% of people overlook.

    Do you want to make successes or excuses? Success? Alright then... See what's in store for you....
    - The AC Assassin

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  • Profile picture of the author littlephoenix
    very smart, it all comes down to hard work and yes treating your online site as a business and not a mickeymouse project
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  • Profile picture of the author GoGetta
    Great post Daniel!

    Thanks, nice bit of info for the morning to set me up for the day!

    1st Job - Get a Marketer! ; )

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  • Profile picture of the author steveniam
    Nice post on how to make money online.

    I think I may to rethink my strategy on marketing online.
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  • Profile picture of the author St Croix
    Do you own or HarmonyCentral?

    I've spent a VAST amount of my life on those sites

    Great advice too

    Back in the game!

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  • Profile picture of the author gjedda63
    And where are those expert marketers that doesnt rip you off or work like a lawyer, dragging the case in low gear to suck all your money out ?
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    • Profile picture of the author Kevin Riley
      Good one Daniel. I've been trying to teach my members that you have to build a real business. Quite a few are getting it, but not enough. It's the only way to build a sustainable long-term income.
      Kevin Riley, long-time Warrior living in Osaka, Japan

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      • Profile picture of the author Matt James
        So true.

        I'm having a lot of fun right now finding experts in a niche and offering my copywriting expertise to launch a product with them (for a 50/50 split).

        It's profitable and smooth-running for both parties.
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        • Profile picture of the author AndrewCavanagh
          Yes the number 1 reason people don't make money online is they don't get enough tasks done that can conceivably help to make them the income they want.

          Whether you do it yourself, hire someone to do it or joint venture with someone to do it doesn't really matter.

          What you getting things done.

          Learning about internet marketing is great but you're not going to find a whole lot of millionaire businessmen who know everything about how to repair a cash register.

          They may own dozens of them but they don't care about how they work.

          They're focused on building real profits in real businesses.

          That's where your head needs to be too...taking action that gets you results.

          Kindest regards,
          Andrew Cavanagh
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  • Profile picture of the author VinnyBock
    Thank You Daniel,

    I truly needed this today...

    "i think there's more people focusing on driving traffic then realizing the other aspects such as copy writing"

    Belive it or not, this comment helped as well...

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  • Profile picture of the author opportunites
    Thanks for sharing this post with us!
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  • Profile picture of the author Mike Hill
    Excellent wisdom and advice Daniel... I couldn't agree with you more!

    Mike Hill
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    • Profile picture of the author Frank Donovan
      Hi Daniel

      I missed this thread when it came out, but you make an excellent point.

      Being your own boss doesn't have to mean being your own employee(s), too.


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  • Profile picture of the author butters
    Nice post... Unfortunately for me right now, I can't afford to go hire a guitar expert etc... but definitely keeping this so I can look back on it in the future.
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  • Profile picture of the author JRecard
    Awesome post - Thankyou
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  • Profile picture of the author Paul Lear
    Excellent post Daniel, it's all about getting the things done, and outsourcing the tasks that you'd rather not do or you're not good at.

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  • Profile picture of the author talfighel
    Once you figure out that you are running a business, a lot of good ideas will come to you and also know this:

    In this business especially, you will have lots of setbacks. You have to learn from these setbacks and never give up. I struggled for 4 years before making it BIG online. If I would quit before that, I would still be working for someone else and making them RICH.

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  • Profile picture of the author Debbie Allen
    Great information - this is why I think having a true 'business plan' early on is so important - it's helps to set the right mindset.
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  • Great post.

    Something to read over and over and... until you get it.

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  • Profile picture of the author darrencochran
    This is great information - much appreciated!

    Please read the sig file rules

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  • Profile picture of the author ScottTMc
    Very nice post, obviously some people wont be able to afford proffesional marketers to come up with marketing stratergys but the same rules apply

    Please read the sig file rules

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  • Profile picture of the author GCostanza
    Right. This is great advice for people that can afford it.

    However, this strategy doesn't work for the people that are currently trying to make it in the IM world with no jobs, laid off, etc.

    Not nitpicking the advice, because it is sound, but it doesn't apply to people without the money to spend on resources. Which I would guess is a good percentage of people.

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  • Profile picture of the author rapidscc
    I guess we do need a marketing plan to do our online business..Add a lot of effort on those plans and we just might make it..

    If we just go on learning..the cycle will never things come methods are born every second..Though learning is important I guess it should be mixed with appropriate action focused on implementing a plan..otherwise we will just be spinning our wheels and stay at the same place...

    EDIT : for those who can't afford the services of a professional internet marketer to create plans for them, here's what I found after searching for "internet marketing plan" in Google


    All the best,

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  • Profile picture of the author LincolnKK

    Does a QB says : "Hmm... today I'll practice some kicks."
    Absolutely not. He practices his throws over and over again.
    He's highly specialized and we should all be like that.

    I'm doing all the stuff in my business right now... I mean ALL the stuff. From copywriting to html, php, product creation, support. Everything. And it's TIME CONSUMING. But it's my first venture so I wanted to do everything to know how all the stuff works before outsourcing.
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  • Profile picture of the author Zach Booker
    I can't believe this hasn't gotten more comments/thanks/views!

    This is one of the best posts i've read in an awful long time.

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  • Profile picture of the author 4success53
    Great post!

    You really have to give yourself a schedule and then, actually do the work.

    Be a Professional!

    Facebook JV Launch Group Posts!

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  • Profile picture of the author Valcont
    I think if you want make something online, the first thing to be done is understand your real focus about what are you doing.

    Frank Kern and other succesfully people have this incredibile skill, and stronger passion for marketing then other people, is simple.

    It's the only thing can make a really difference;

    but there is another question:

    Who else can remember the great way in the story of internet marketing about john reese and how he was able to make 1.000.000 of dollars in one single day?

    Was It fantascience?
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  • Profile picture of the author Mr Money Maker posted a lot now do I get a free $100,000.00 ?...LOL..ok ok I am just joking....nice write up...way to go !
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  • Profile picture of the author eholmlund
    That's a great post. Nice job dude!
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  • Profile picture of the author Amir.S
    Wow what an in depth post Daniel. Had to read it twice, picked up a few good points.

    Thanks for the great post mate.
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  • Profile picture of the author opportunites
    Hi Daniel,

    Yesterday, I printed your post and read it. Very good stuff!
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  • Profile picture of the author David Mcalorum
    This is the biggest pitfall of everyone who has ever failed at IM. IM, IS. BUSINESS. It needs the same time and effort, the same mindset, and the same business plan. Just a few years ago when I had just started to come up with the idea, it wasn't for the money, it was for the knowledge, and with that, I was able to treat the knowledge I craved just like a business and it all started coming together.
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  • Profile picture of the author jeswarrior
    I thought I had the bottle sealed tight and then came Daniel an opened it up. Man, why did you have to reveal this secret?? Good stuff!

    If you really want to make serious dough FAST, then you need to OUTSOURCE. Plain and simple. Problem is some of us have CHEAPO printed on our foreheads and can not see the light at the end of the tunnel... Search Google for "Paradigm Shift Bob Proctor" and watch those videos to rewire your brain.
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  • Profile picture of the author Kenster
    Yes I realized this a few months back. I was talking to a big name guru and what you said is exactly what he told me. He said, do you think I'm an expert in..and then he listed 20 niches?

    The truth is that there are talented people all around you. I have a friend that is a great fly fisherman, another that is a great skateboarder, and another that is a video game geek. I have done exactly what you said and leveraged there skill with my marketing knowledge base.

    I think everybody reading this powerful thread should take 10 minutes and write down 5 friends/neighbors/family members that are really good at something. Then figure out a way to monetize that on the net using your IM knowledge. Split the profit with the person you are working with and everybody wins.

    Theres so much opportunity around every single person reading this thread its ridiculous.

    best of luck!
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  • Profile picture of the author David Wolfman
    You shifted my perception of some of the things I never actually questioned before.

    I've never heard anybody recommending starting up the business from top level mindset. Usually it's the other way around: learn the ropes than expand the business.

    That's why most of us buy those marketing courses instead of hiring an experienced marketer to build the business.
    Best Internet Marketing Tools in one place -
    ............................... $8.99 .com $8.99 .net $8.99 .org....................
    Cheap Domain Names << >> Cheap Domain Registration
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  • Profile picture of the author joseph60
    Nice one keep on! I like it!

    "Introducing The List Quad Blueprint
    To Building Your Opt-in List On Automation,
    Bank In Hard Cold Cash Into Your Pocket... 4 Times The Power!"

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