need some ideas to reply to my subscribers..

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my site is on amazon....

so far got some subscribers..

I was thinking how to reply them..promote latest products been added on my site..thus let them know...

hmmm any ideas?
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    The first thing you need is to get your subscribers to like you. The question is how do you do this?? The best way to do this is to send them free training, inspirational success quotes which you could get off google. Once they start liking you, you can start offering them your service.

    Hope this helped

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    Why they subscribed in first place? To receive your newsletter or ecourse or ... Whatever it is while sending those emails, add few product links in between the content with 'Latest additions. Might you be interested?' heading.

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    As mentioned already, you need to know why they signed up in the first place and then make sure you give them what they want. Good quality/helpful/interesting content is some of whats needed, dont think about marketing to them by promoting products, its probably not what they want...

    Focus on providing value first and be known as someone who is the go-2-guy in your niche. Build an aweosme website with affiliated products on it, try to keep the product promotion on there..
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      actually my site..don't review...only sell

      surprise there are some subscriber...thus I was thinking...since they subscribe just because want to see what I sell?

      thus I just email my latest products been added?
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    Build relationships with them, let the know a little about you...a bit of trivia in the first paragraph of each email. Get them interested in you, let them know there is more to you than just promoting the next affiliate a word, give them:

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    You must create your sales funnel and auto responder series that get's your subscriber attention. Give them something for free in the 1st email and then start promoting paid products.
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    Send them information on everything related to your topic, even if it seems unrelated at first, tie it back to your topic. The wider the net you cover, the more people will respond as a consequence.
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      Provide useful and relevant information that is helpful and not always trying to sell something. Subscribe to other email newsletters in your niche for ideas. Bookmark competitor blogs if there are some and look at what they are talking about.

      Also if this is relevant to your niche subscribe to Google Alerts and if they send you something interesting send it out to your list. You could even start your own blog and when you make a post that is interesting let your list know by sending the first couple of sentences in an email and then a link to your new post.
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