How can I increase exposure of my Kindle ebooks?

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What are some specific strategies or services I can use to market my Christian nonfiction kindle ebooks?

I am looking for effective and detailed marketing ideas.
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    Learn to do video marketing well. Make multiple videos with titles that your keyword research tells you are phrases in peoples consciousness and are frequently searched for.
    Then link those videos to a blog and or website where you make occasional comments on your topic.
    Then make sure you have a good key word rich domain name for the landing page.
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    Hey Boafinancial,

    Finding good and detailed marketing ideas is always tricky. What works for person A does not have to work for person B.

    The obvious is to join Christian forums, leave good comments on blogs and maybe promote it on a few christian Facebook Groups.
    You can also try solo ads which you can find plenty of right here on the Warrior Forums!

    They key to sales is an outstanding product, in the end it should promote itself.
    Hope this helps!
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    I released a Kindle Book a the beginning of the year.

    This was the first time that I found fiverr really useful. I was able to get in the top 25 for fitness books by using 5 kindle promotion services all at the same time that coincided with my Kindle promotion days.

    In all it only cost me 25 bucks. I just did a quick search to see if they are still there:
    If you type in "Kindle Promotion" or "Ebook" promotion you will see gigs like this:

    I will promote your Book on Kindle Book Club Blog for $5
    I will promote your Kindle eBooks in 9000000 Facebook eBook Lover Fans from USA for $5
    I will promote your Kindle Book link on Face Book to my page with over 5000 fans for $5

    Hope that helps.

    Good Luck
    Starting My Own - The LifeStyle of an Internet Marketer
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      How do you coincide the time expert would post the ebook giveaway with the kindle free days?
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    Who already has access to the audience you want to target? Pinpoint those sources, and look to tap into them. That's one of the quickest ways, providing you have something that audience would want of course.
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    Video marketing can get your ebook to the next leve. Create some vidoes targeting your keywords with unique description and upload it to video sharing websites. And enjoy free traffic coming into your offer that can get you conversions !
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