I need a content curation widget. Please help!

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Hey, guys. I'm looking for a good looking widget to curate articles from other sites on my Wordpress self-hosted blog. I wanna be able to choose a thumbnail from available pictures in an article, pick up and edit the excerpt, enclose it in quotes, show both author name and website it was pulled from, then embed it. Is there a plugin that makes these widgets or a third party service?

I've tried to embed Facebook posts in my blog - looks bad as it shows unwanted info - the number of likes, followers, comments, my university I graduated. In one Facebook post I embedded there was ''Mahmud likes this''.
Twitter widgets don't include pictures.
Google + widgets are too huge for my blog post. If I curate top 7 articles for a specific topic, it'll last like forever.
With Scoop.it widget people have to go to Scoop.it first, then to the original source of curated content. Kinda creepy to make them click twice.
With Storify I can't change neither thumbnail nor excerpt.
With Embed.ly I can't change thumbnail.

On top of that I don't like branded widgets with third party logos.

What should I do? I'm not a programmer. Looked all over the web and found nothing. Such a small thing and no solutions! What content widgets do you embed? Thanks.
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    Well there's WP Robot...and also Walt Baylis's Content creation plugin that gets data from Google alerts...which is live at this time...if you haven't heard about that then you must not be reading your emails
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    I use WP Robot and it's the best tool every. I highly recommend WP Robot !
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      Originally Posted by MarketMaster13 View Post

      I use WP Robot and it's the best tool every. I highly recommend WP Robot !
      I'm looking to just drop a specific url and have content from there curated in a fancy widget. I'm not into autoblogging WP Robot does. Can I use it to create an embeddable widget for an article of my choice? Thanks.
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    Have you looked into Zemanta?
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    Which is the best for curation (with attribution to the original author), Curation Fire WP Plugin (James Carter) , Curation Soft Pro (Mark Thompson) , or Content Curation 2 Plugin (Walt Bayliss)? Any opinions or first hand knowledge?
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