How Many Forms Of Monetisation Do You Have On A Single Site?

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And what are they?
Is there a limit to the number of potential revenue streams you should have on a site? Only limited by your imagination or does good taste step in at some point?

Are there clever ways to disguise advertising and selling methods to stop your website from looking like a total spam trap?
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    I tend to have only 1, or a maximum of 2 forms of monetization on my sites.

    For example, if I have an affiliate site, I'd go for affiliate links alone. These links can be from different affiliate programs, like clickbank and amazon.

    I usually place texual links, and in some instances, header images that link to my products (if that product has been converting well for me). I feel text links make the site look less spammy, because people don't notice it right away. I always have a call to action at the end of the article though.

    For example, if I'm writing a review, I'll have a line at the end prompting them to buy the product, and I'll embed the affiliate link in that line (either at the product name, or in the word buy).

    This particular line brings me most of my conversions, as people trust you more by the time they get to the end of the article. They are pre-sold now.

    In my offline service sites, the only form of monetization is my contact form, or in some cases, my phone number.

    This is just my personal preference, of course. You should split test using different monetization techniques. What works for me might or might not work for you and your niche.
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      Seems to me it depends on the site.

      A site that markets a high-ticket product should focus on that alone (with the usual upsells, downsells, and profit maximizers, of course).

      On other, more informational sites, you can use AdSense, Kontera, Amazon, and appropriate affiliate offers. But you're right, avoid overload!
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    I use only 2 forms of monetization on my blogs. That's adsense and affiliate banners(clickbank, amazon,moreniche)

    I mostly create custom sidebars for each post to ensure ads on the sidebars match the post contents.
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    For me I usually have 2 Adsense blocks in the post, a banner to a clickbank product in the sidebar, and contextual links to both amazon and clickbank in the text.

    The site is then heavily monetized, but still does not look it. The linked affiliate links are like silent earners that boost the earnings up every once in a while.
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    Usually 1 or 2 on small sites, 3 or 4 on larger sites.
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    Just 1. Straight link to my ebook sales page. That's all i want too.
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      I usually go for 2 forms of monetization per website.

      For example:

      - affiliate products (through e-mail marketing) + website advertising (banner ads, sponsored articles etc)

      - Adsense + promoting own product through e-mail
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        Being a simple kind of a guy, there's always just one and only one form of monetization on all of my websites - focusing on targeted prospects to buy the affiliate product being promoted.

        All online/offline marketing efforts are concentrated and tightly synchronized for this one continuity-oriented objective.

        Included are disclosures and disclaimers as required by law and most affiliate networks (ie Amazon, Clickbank, CJ, etc), so there is no "disguising" of the fact that this all about advertising and selling.
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    On my dating sites I have few
    -members buying premium membership
    -Link to my list
    -link to my amazon site
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    I have affiliate marketing and that's all I need!
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    Good Question, I aim for a 25/75 split, 25 percent revenue generation, 75 percent content, you can use too much advertising, I first noticed this about three years ago, the more advertising I had on a website the more poorly ranked it became, I noticed that even when your only using Adsense, it can effect your overall ranking, (lets face it PR is really about to be phased out anyway) but I think that high content ratios work better and likely that trend is going to continue.
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    I plan to create an auto site network with amazon affiliate. This is one of auto site in my network. Please help to review about it automate content and give me some advise how to improve our network.
    My site is: Genius baby online | Every thing for your genius baby
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      Originally Posted by tombong View Post

      I plan to create an auto site network ... This is one of auto site in my network. Please help to review about it automate content and give me some advise how to improve our network.[/url]
      Stick to the terms of service if you use someone elses properties for building your network.
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    I usually have a minimum of ebook....membership program...adsense or other ad
    programs and affiliate programs..
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    I stick to adsense. It's enough for what I want to accomplish. But it depends on what you have in mind.
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