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I'm putting together a business plan for a new product. Of course part of that plan is taking some guesses at the size of the market and projected sales. Does anyone know if there are any stats available on how many IMers there are, and also potentially how they might break down in terms of success? I'm assuming there probably isn't anything solid, in which case would anyone care to take an educated guess?

How many people are making 7 figures+? I imagine just a handful?
How many people are making a 6 figure salary? 100? more/less?
How many people are making 1000/month?
How many new/struggling types that are actually buying products?

Yes, guesses are just guesses but some of YOUR guesses will be much better than my guess.
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    Last year, I put together a rough and ready plan for a colleague, but rather than trying to guess the income of IMers, I took the published figures of Clickbank (sales turnover + number of affiliates) and Google (adsense and adwords revenue) as an indication of the potential value of the market.

    I don't know what area of IM your product is in, but I would try a similar approach.

    I've just put Richard Branson's number on speed-dial. I call it my "Get-Rich-Quick" scheme.

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