If You Could Go Back 10 Years...

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I have learned a lot over the years about internet marketing and seo. I think i would have created a website and a product and built a massive list. Would probably be a millionaire right now. So if you had the chance to go back in time 10 years.. what would you have done?
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    I would of started building YouTube then Twitter.
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    If I had to start all over again, I'd start by building a list, developing a SOLID relationship with them and naturally solve their problems...
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      I wouldn't have let my then mega site, scifispace.com, go inactive after my ex and I split. It would probably be still getting millions of hits a day right now if I had kept it updated

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      I would've done the same thing as I do now and thus a huge headstart above all others, I would literarlly crush the SERP's big time.
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    If I could go 10 years back,
    I would
    -Create youtube
    -Create Twitter
    -Create Face Book
    and much more like these

    and now all of you would be my customers and would be talking how to get traffic to your sites from my sites
    "Gathering correct information and taking actions will boom your business.
    Never be afraid of failures and success will follow you"

    By My Unsung Guru and Mentor
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      Originally Posted by sarah23 View Post

      If I could go 10 years back,
      -Create Twitter
      Twitter was established in 2006.

      Youtube has only just scraped 9 years too...

      Perhaps it's better then to just focus on the present days amenities and go forwards rather than backwards...
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        Actually, 15 years ago someone told me, Dennis, you're smart with computers, you should start making money on the internet.

        I took another puff from my joint and said: Nah looked at it already, it's all scam with clicking emails for $0.01 and that kind of crap.

        What followed? 10 years working in factories, transportation and that kind of crap.
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    Actually and this is something to think about, What If, this is Ten Years ago...

    Ten years from now, what great opportunities are just waiting to be discovered right Now.

    According to the MMPI, (Minnesota multi phasic Personality Inventory) less than 1 percent of personality types, actually are intuitive.

    What this means is that most people, (98 percent) do not see into the future or around corners for that matter, very well, we tend to re-act instead of planning ahead.

    The man or woman that can see what the future holds and is ready for that future now, those are the people that will be in a position to participate in the future today.
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    10 years ago I broke the Google code.

    Created 100s of portal sites, made 250K that year.

    Didn't last long but yep - that was grand.

    I would have built a list from it as well. Ah, where I could be now....

    ah well. Hindsight is 20/20!
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    Henrich, I'd never look back Regret is not part of my vocab. We have now. In this moment, that is it. I intend to stay focused on now to make the most of it!
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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