Finding a registered agent in my area

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I am looking for a local registered agent. I googled my city and registered agent and nothing local came up.

Does anyone know the name of the specific type of law firm that would act as a registered agent?

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    Your question would be clearer if you`d share your area. We can`t find anything local for you if we don`t know what local is
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    There's not enough information so I'm shooting from the hip here.

    Assuming you're looking for a "registered agent for the purpose of filing a business entity than my answer is you don't need one.

    I say this because you say in your area so if you're filing in your own STATE.... you would be your own registered agent.
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    I just want to use their address to send my mail to
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      Originally Posted by highlander11 View Post

      I just want to use their address to send my mail to
      You don't need a registered agent for that... go to one of those
      private post office box rental places.
      If you knew what I know you'd be doing what I do...
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