Keeping TABS on Competitor?

by mguy
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I have a niche and I basically define this niche. I rank #1

However, there is a competitor and he wants to define the niche in another way.

I say define niche as I am the leader in defining the direction of a movement.. like a thought leader.

He has a book that aims to take skew the definition. His work is pretty intense and I do wonder how the market will react.

He is going to launch his ebook soon, and I would like to see how people react to it and if it is something that I want to pursue and capitalize on?

Damn.. competition got me thinking extra. lol

Any tips suggestions on this?
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    Keep an eye on when his book launches, maybe follow what he is doing up to launch, what groups he is active in, is he starting a pre launch campaign.
    Hell, buy his book, read it, and see what you can write about that is better and adds more value to your market.

    Competition is always good, means there is a market, stay calm and just watch what your competition does, and see what you can do better and add more value.

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    Competitor got me pretty riled up honestly. Now I feel like I need to go on overdrive on everything!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Think of it as an opportunity to tap into a new market. HIS MARKET! You're already a thought leader in your niche. Use that as a way to get into how he defines your niche.
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      Don't pay attention to the competition, make them pay attention to you

      The Flu? Not worthy of a mention here???
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    I'm not big at all on going against any competition. I go for, not against This way, all parties benefit. Sure, solid idea to spot patterns but overall, build a relationship with him. Since we live in an abundant world there's more than enough to go around.

    Hope this helps!
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    Will your competitor have an affiliate program? Become colleagues instead of competitors and win all around.

    See, the thing is - your unique voice/authority will carry you through with the folks who resonate with you. You can't be 100% to everyone but you CAN be the lead to those who follow your ideas.

    There will always be competition. Make a profit from it.
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