Am i doing something wrong ?

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Recently,i started to build a list on fitness niche.
As i learned in this forum,i made a squeeze page (as good as i could with free tools) with a call to subscribing in order to have a free ebook.

I made a serie of 7 follow up messages on listwire.
I drive traffic to my squeeze page from social networks which,i think converts
well for the moment.
so,people subscribe to my list and the open rate of my messages is about 35%.
i try to promote a good product related to the niche in the 4,5,6,7 messages with just a short description and a link in the bottom of the messages.

I know that my list is not big enough,but i wonder if i'm in the right way?
Am i doing something wrong? and what are things i should change ?

I need your help warriors
  • Sounds like your heading in the right direction. How big is your list? And how many sales have you made so far?
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      as i use free traffic sources,my list grows slowly , i have just about 100 subscribers,for sales i did't make any sale yet.
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    Originally Posted by smartcoach98 View Post

    Hi,Recently,i started to build a list on fitness niche.
    Awesome, that was the first niche I started with, too

    Originally Posted by smartcoach98 View Post

    As i learned in this forum,i made a squeeze page (as good as i could with free tools) with a call to subscribing in order to have a free ebook.
    Sounds great !

    Originally Posted by smartcoach98 View Post

    Am i doing something wrong? and what are things i should change
    The only time I would say someone is doing something 'wrong' is when they aren't doing anything at all...

    In terms of change, here are some open suggestions towards getting your first sale.

    1) Promote more often in more emails. A simple P.S. with a...

    "If you really want to speed up your success with XYZ, I recommend you check out (product)"

    ...will do just fine.

    2) Test out multiple products. Remember, just because you think a product will be a great seller, doesn't mean it will sell the best to your list.

    Ironically enough, Craig Ballentyne's Turbulence Training has made the most sales to my muscle building list, even though it's mostly about fat loss workouts.

    That should do, for now
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      Sounds like you're well o your way. good open rate, sound plan, and determination enough to ask questions about improvement. Good on ya!

      The only thing you might want to do (since the product matters as much as your relationship with your list) is add more value on a consistent basis.

      For example you have 7 days of follow-up.... maybe send a broadcast every other day with something of value (ie. - another e-book, marketing tips, anything free you can give that can help them).

      This builds up your credibility as a source in their eyes and helps people coming back to buy again regardless of what you promote.

      The key to any successful long term business is a loyal following of repeat customers. If you don't help them they won't help you, and conversely the more you help people the more they help your business.

      Hope that helps

      Let's Network!!
      Shoot Me A Message
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      I'll try those tests jamescanz.thanks a lot man.
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    You're completely headed in the right direction. As the above poster mentioned, testing multiple products is a great idea. You won't really know what your list will actually pay for until you give them a selection. And on the promo emails, at least 2 links are a good idea with a solid call to action.
    Would suggest you consider shifting to a paid autoresponder service as 'sometimes' with free services ads get sent along with your message - enough to turn some recipients off.
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    I only "sort of" agree with what Jamescanz just said. Allow me to give you a few pointers.

    1) Set the "thank you" page on your email capture form so that it goes to an affiliate product. MAKE SURE that there is "visual consistency" between your email capture page and the affiliate product (just grab some of their graphcis)

    2) Each piece of content that you give should give only a single technique or strategy. Say, "there are others and in three days (or however may it is till the sales message) I'll tell you how to get them all."

    3) Make sure that since you are smart and using your autoresponder that you ALWAYS tease the messages for the next day. "And tomorrow I explain the single most important exercise you probably aren't doing," ... or what ever is appropriate. Get people excited about getting your email the next day by teasing what's going to be in it.

    4) Every message you send prior to a sales message should somehow tie to the product you are selling. This is kind of what I was saying with step 2 above. This way when you go to actually say, "check out this product" it makes sense that they should buy it.

    5) Your string of messages should take a buyer down a "path". In other words the first message in a series for a "dating product" (stealing from Frank Kern here) might be about JUST ONE technique for how to approach a woman. The second might be JUST ONE technique about how to strike up a conversation, the third might be about how to make her "want you" ... the fourth might be the sales message for the product itself where it talks about "here's how you get her to want to come home with you" but its a video that sells the product itself.

    In that message string by saying, "this is just one approach technique and there are 7 others and in 3 days I'm going to show you how you can get them all. But first, I've showed you a way to approach a girl, tomorrow I want to show you how you get her to want to talk to you."

    Make sense?

    Hope this helps.
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    How much value do you share through your posts? Like, how in depth are your emails? Money responds to value. Selling is cool if your content backs it up
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    It really is a numbers game. Does you squeeze page lead them to believe their is a free solution....Well...these people wont buy anything. You need to say there are solutions and we will tell you about the most cost effective ones...

    Learn how to start your own Solo Ad Business without an autoresponder or build a list. It's Fast Fun and Profitable.

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      It seems to me that you are making strides. I would be curious to know how the emails relate to each other. Ideally, you want your follow-up series to be part of a longer narrative that starts with your customers' problem and builds to multiple solutions (i.e. affiliate products). But even then, each needs to lead logically into the next. Also, make sure there is "free" value in the series as well.
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    Good start, but with your next 100 optins, you could definitely make a commission.

    Depending on your optin process and what you're giving away for free, you should either be sending people directly to a sales page of either your own product or an affiliate one.

    If you're giving away an ebook or something downloaded, a good way to accomplish your first promotion is on your download page with something like a 2 or 3 step process.

    For example, Step 1: Download your free report, Step 2: Watch this Video about losing weight(affiliate link) Step 3: follow me on facebook and share your success stories.

    If your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd emails don't do any promotions... I'd change that too.

    You can provide high quality content and then offer a link to some type of affiliate or cpa offer in the PS link as a way to get more info now.

    Remember, most people want everything right away. So why not give them what they want? Link to paid products that solve their problems, and people will buy them.

    Of course, you need to focus on creating a good relationship with your list too and creating campaigns that entice buying reactions and motivate people is something you'll want to research.

    It'll be a skill you develop over time.

    You're off to a great start.
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      Wow sound like you got a good start going! Remember to give your people a reason to keep reading your emails, build a relationship with them. Try not to slam them with offer after offer, give it time and build your worth to them so they trust you and they will buy. Awesome job!
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        Thanks for you all warriors for your Great Tips.
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