How do YOU promote affiliate links?

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When using Facebook or Twitter, should I link directly to the product, or link to content that will perhaps lead them to the product?

What various ways do you promote affiliate links, without coming across as spammy?
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    usually social media you land them warm-up page, get the people pump to buy.
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    It is always best to use a landing page rather than using your Affiliate Link directly. Below are some of the ways to promote products:

    Forum marketing - Find few reputable forums in your niche & have your link in the signature & make some valuable contribution to the forum.

    Blogs - Create a proper blog for promoting your product. Use High quality content, make you blog look professional & do some SEO work.

    Social Media - Half of the world goes on Social media websites like Twitter, FB, YT & so on making it the best place to promote any product.

    Video Sharing - YouTube has helped me make a lot of money & I am sure this does not require much explanation.

    Use the search function & you will find more information about everything mentioned above in detail.

    & The most important of all is implementation. Make sure you don't waste all the time reading & reading. Implement what you have learn t. PM me if you need more details.
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      I agree with Cranky. Send the user to the landing page. In this way, you would be able to build your list. Remember that list equals money.

      I have listed down some other ways of getting traffic:

      1) Solo ads - works well for me. Send an email swipe to a list owner. Although there are a lot of list owners, make sure that the list is targeted to the market of your affiliate product. (For example, if you are promoting a fitness product, then the list should also be fitness related)

      2) Article marketing - another of my favourite method. Write articles and post them to article directories such as Ezine Articles, Go Articles etc. Place your signature containing a link to your landing page under the article. Good thing about article marketing is that it is free (unless you ask a professional writer to write the articles).

      Always test which method works for you and stick to it.

      Let me know if you have any questions.

      Good luck!
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    The best way to promote affiliate links is with a quality email list. There is a fine line though because some people have trouble building an actual high quality list due to spamming.

    In my experience just don't be desperate to make the sale, provide value for your list and get to know your subscribers before you ask them to make a purchase. This approach has yielded over 50k per month in affiliate sales for Pat Flynn of
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    One of the simplest ways possible...

    Through a targeted list
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      Other than youtube I have never used social media for this purpose. Even when I use youtube It never goes from a video to an affiliate link.

      I find success by having my affiliates links programmed in middle of an ebook or as a part of a training series.

      For example I created a 8 video series on how to market on craigslist once your account starts getting blocked. A part of the solution is to change their ip address. So I signed up to be an affiliate of a proxy service which allows people to change their ip address.

      They pay monthly for the service, and I get paid 50% of their monthly payment as an affiliate. It converts well because the link is slap in the middle of a multiple video tutorial that gives the end user real solution to the problems they are facing.
      Where There is a Willis....There is a WAY!!!
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    When using social media (I mainly use facebook) for your marketing, start thinking native. Native advertising is where it's at these days, and basically all it is is creating naturally continuing user experience from when someone clicks your ad.

    So for example, you have an advert that promises one of the best ways to lose weight. Someone clicks on it, they arive at your landing page and a video/document explains the method for free. Then after they have watched the video/read the document, you can either try to capture their email by offering three even better ways to lose weight just by entering their email or try to sell them a product that shows them the ultimate way.

    Your advert and landing page should look the same. Many marketers go wrong here and show something that looks very different to what the user clicked on. If you continue the look and feel you will create a much better user experience because the ad will flow better and feel more natural.
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