Best Work Day Productivity Product Or Service

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In your opinion what is the Best Work Day Productivity Product Or Service?

For me its evernote.
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    You Should try Google Keep
    It’s a very simple tool, but for basic lists this is a great too.
    best of luck
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    I use few tools here

    Meditation does the trick for me.

    Tools work nicely but organizing my thoughts, feeling and mind to start the day makes sure that I touch turns to gold. At least on most days haha.

    The tools you use may rock but if you run into problems with them, you'll tend to flip. Again, I get the benefits but just feel that simple meditation, and taking short, frequent breaks, boosts my productivity and more importantly, effectiveness, on a daily basis.

    More power to you guys of course
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    Getting Things Done by David Allen

    Once you learn this productivity system you can apply it to pretty much any tool, program, software, etc.

    My Second recommendation is "The Pomodoro Technique"

    It is a free ebook that you can download. It teaches you how to focus and deal with interruptions.

    My third recommendation is "The 12 Week Year"

    Great book about setting 3 month goals and tracking your progress in 12 week cycles.

    The great thing is each of these books and the systems they teach all work together.
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    The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris

    Getting Things Done (of course) - David Allen
    Originally Posted by mediamarket View Post

    For me its evernote.
    Yeah, I am using that, too.
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    Google Search, Gmail, Android OS, Google Drive, Google Calender, Google Keep, Google Play Books, Google Music, Google Maps,

    I probably forgot a few other of their services .

    The only thing bad about Google are their advertisements.

    tl;dr: Google
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    My pen and breaks down or needs to be rebooted

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      I do so much on my Smartphone anymore that a really cool app is the EasilyDo Productivity App. If you are away from you computer you can manage your whole day with it.
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    I just use my notes app and reminder app on my iPhone, I'm starting to use Google calendar though..
    A couple of my mentors are using it and they seem to be happy with it..

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    Trello is a fantastic todo app with multiple boards, collaboration, etc.
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      Originally Posted by garmahis View Post

      Trello is a fantastic todo app with multiple boards, collaboration, etc.
      Trello is really great little app for project management. I've been using it for more than two years now ( project management, personal 2do lists, editorial calendar, community app....)

      And it's free...
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    Same here, pen and paper. I guess I just like the old way.
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    Leechblock is great- it prevents you from going on sites that distract you like Reddit and Facebook. The way that I have it configured is that I have to enter a 32 digit passcode to change the options on leechblock, and that I have to restart Firefox entirely in order to disable Leechblock (this is usually enough of a disincentive, as my clicks to distraction sites are almost instinctual rather than purposeful).

    Meditation has definitely helped. I also jog relatively regularly, which helps. Writing down a to-do list helps as well. Also, whenever I check off an item on a to-do list, I write how long it took me and how long it should have taken me, to get a good idea for how well I'm using my time.
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      Decide on the amount of money you need to make during the day in order to keep your spouse happy.

      Then have your spouse pull up a chair and sit next to you at the computer until you have reached your goal for that day.

      You'll learn very quickly how to be wildly productive.


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    I use to help track my online activity. It doesn't allow me to "cheat"
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