Lesson Guides How Long is Sufficient To Provide Value?

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So, my plan is to write 5-10 page lesson guides including practical information for my students but I am wondering would this be sufficient to them? My main concern is that I want to really provide lots of value. I don't want to just put out a bunch of B.S. So, my question is: is 5-10 pages per lessons sufficient (I would thoroughly cover the topic) it's just hard to know what customer's might really want.

What's your experience? Thank you so much for responding!
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    Hi doctorgringo.

    My advice would be not to equate quality with length. To put it simply, you will provide value if what you're offering meets the needs of your student. If that means that you can create a 5 page lesson that's full of actionable information from which the student can learn simply end effectively, then that is long enough.

    If you try to make something longer than it needs to be just for the sake of making it long, you can actually end up decreasing the value because it can make things long-winded, overcomplicated, stifle the main thrust of what you're trying to teach, etc.

    For example, I've gone through things that are lengthy but are nothing but garbage, whereas on other occasions some of the best material has been in just a few pages or in a short video.

    At the end of the day, make your lessons as long as they need to be. But don't try to fluff them up just because you think they 'should' be longer - you could end up doing more harm that way.

    I hope that helps a little!

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    Thanks so much Glenn!!! Makes perfect sense!
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    You answer is so much Satisfactory Glenn
    We should not mix up the quality and quantity :/
    Quality always wins in this race.
    Best of luck
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    You can cut out a lot of text and put more of your personality in it with video.

    For example if one lesson were ranking Youtube videos, you could easily shoot a video tutorial showing a video you've ranked and all the things that went into doing it.

    This shows:

    1) Your personality, which draws people to you

    2) Valuable material they can duplicate
    *This can be accomplished with text as well but a video takes 5 minutes but 5 pages could take 30 minutes and people's time is important*

    3) Shows proof and application leaving nothing to be desired, and leaves an easy to find reference point

    I've created both video and text courses. One of my video course makes me money frequently whereas it wasn't until I added videos to my text courses that they got the response they were meant to.

    Hope that helps

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    Glenn really nailed it. Don't mix up quality with quantity. However do consider the expectations of your market.
    If your guide is a quick fix to a simple problem that can be handled in 3 pages, great. But if you're getting into in depth information and your target audience expects detail, you may need more quantity simply for perceived value.

    But I highly agree with Glenn - 'padding' content just for the sake of quantity can actually decrease value. As long as everything in your reports is genuine, actionable content, quantity isn't the #1 concern.
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    If you thoroughly cover the topic (and you say you do) then that's fine. People don't pay for the number of pages - they pay for the information within those pages.
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