how many ppl is safe to follow per day?

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Hey there

How many people do you guys think is safe to follow per day, have you had good/bad results?

Thoughts on this much appreciated.


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    I'm guessing you mean on Twitter. Just responded to another post actually. Here's a cool tool that's $5 one time payment and you can follow back 1000 people a day
    Hope this makes things easier for ya!
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    Simon, if you are over the 2,000 mark then you can follow 10% more than the number of people following you. Twitter will cut you off if you try going over.
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    Hi Simon,

    When you are below 2,000 followers the maximum you can follow a day is 400. As Ryan says once you get over the 2,000 mark it is up to 10% a day.

    A tip for you though don't try and follow them all at once as twitter may suspend your account for aggressive following - same goes for unfollowing too.

    I tend to follow up to my 10% throughout the day and then leave these for 3 days. If they haven't followed back then I unfollow them as they are unlikely to respond to my tweets!

    If you want a great tool for automating all this I use Tweet Adder - you can get a free demo from them and I upgraded to a 5 licence version to run my accounts - it cost me a one off $55. If you can't find Tweet Adder look in my sig at my blog there is a link there - hope I am allowed to say that!

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    When it is below 2000. You can follow until 2000 as that is the limit. Once you pass the 2000 benchmark, you can only follow up to 10% of your followers number...

    You might want to unfollow those who didn't follow you back so that you have more to add a day.. You might consider using tweet adder or hummingbird to help you with that
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    You can try to unfollow those who don't follow you back. very helpful when you hit the 2000 mark. THen follow those that have your keywords in their profiles, so that the followers are relevant. And it's free too.

    If not, I just use Tweetlater, as it does it automatically and I set it to do 100 a day as it is seen as a bit more natural or Twitter will ban you.
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