Americans, what's your biggest problem with foreign contractors?

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I am hiring more and more online contractors from Odesk and Elance. So far, the vast majority of work has been excellent. I give out more 5-star ratings than anything else.

I know not all societies are as focused on the end result as we are. I think for Americans, the goal is more important than the process in most cases.

I ran into this problem a few times with contractors who expected to get paid for doing work, though they did not meet any of the objectives (I always clearly spell out objectives in the offer). Usually we agree on a compromise, but even that doesn't always sit well with them.

What has been your biggest frustration with foreign workers?

If you've worked for Americans, what has been your biggest frustration with us?
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  • Typically they do a great job. The two biggest problems I've had is the language barrier and time zone differences. Sometimes they just don't understand what you're looking for, especially if dealing with something more abstract. For the time zone, it can get annoying if you message them, then they don't get back to you until late at night, so you can get back to them till the next day, and so on.

    Most of the time they are flexible with the time they work though, so if you find a good one, that is not a big deal.

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    Originally Posted by PapaPizza View Post

    What has been your biggest frustration with foreign workers?
    Bad grammar. Slow delivery times. Spun PLR content.
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    I've had some great contractors as well. In my experience, there isn't anything that really distinguishes one country from another. I've gotten good work from contractors in most of them.

    If I could ask for one thing it would be to demand that if they want the work, they need to work during my time zone.

    Also, I really, really love resourcefulness - someone who can figure out a solution when confronted with an obstacle.

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