URGENT help needed with Craigslist ads

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I live in the United Kingdom - and am frustrated by my initial attempts to post
ads on Craigslist - one of THE TOP 10 MOST TRAFFIC SITES on the planet as
people keep telling me!!

I feel I am missing out by not posting regular ads here so want to start now.

I am interested in promoting products like e-books in the Books and other
major categories, and in sourcing products for people in the 'For Sale' 'Wanted'
category by replying to their ads and offering my services there.

I also more IMPORTANTLY need to place ads for my Internet Business Opportunity
Program which is the NUMBER 1 in it's field in my lengthy research and time spent online
and am very excited about it's future potential.

I have tried posting ads in SERVICES category at Craigslist - under Small Biz Ads
or Business Opportunities (not sure if that field is on Backpage?) anyways, it seems
I am NOT allowed to exceed a maximum of 3 posts per day to the Small Biz Ads service
section......I guess I am trying to promote a commercial for profit business so Craigslist
needs to place restrictions.......

Also it seems I am unable to place ads in US or Canadian cities as Craigslist operate a LOCAL service mainly for resdients of that same country......but I find this depressing as
surely I must be able to place ads outside the United Kingdom too?

I am seeking an experienced marketing/advertising professional on this forum who can assist
me with Craigslist and other Classified ad post submissions and also a Google Adwords PPC expert who I can trust to supervise campaigns on my behalf and am looking for the keenest
of rates.......not yet posted this project to RentaCoder or Scriptlance or Elance so am keen to get some feedback here first.

Am happy to help others and make effective contributions too in return and will always reply promptly.

Best Wishes
Mike Larter
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    Try this attachment. The report was written by a group of Warriors and it is absolutely awesome. Plus I think it will help you with some of your problems.
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