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Anyone have any advice on getting a list built in short space of time??
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    How much subscribers per day do you need? How much you willing to pay per one?
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    solo ads are probably the easiest and fastest

    facebook ads is good if you know what you are doing

    private banner buys can work well if you negotiate a good deal

    launching a product and having some good affiliates is a good way to build a list of buyers
    but if you are fairly new then that will be a lot more difficult, just stick to the 3 above

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    Paul gave you a pretty good summary! Solo ads work great if you want to build a list as fast as possible. You need a good capture page though for high conversions and you also need money When it comes to solo ads you need to test and not give up the minute you try a solo ad and doesn't work for you.

    Other great ways to build a list is blog commenting especially if you provide valuable posts and leave your website at the bottom (not the spammy kind )

    There is Video marketing which works well if you know how to rank! With good SEO you can get to the top in no time.

    There is also forum marketing if you find forums related to your niche
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    If you have a budget to play with then you could easily go out and BUY
    your traffic and build your list that way.

    Anyone can build a list fast by THROWING money at it.

    It's what you do with that list once you have the numbers that really matters.

    Build a targeted list that wants what you have to offer.

    ASK your tribe what their wants and NEEDS are and charge them for
    supplying them with they need and desire from you.
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    • To build a list you need Traffic period i do both old school seed planting epic content through SEO mode and paid ad like a bodybuilder on steroids while waiting for seo to bring forth harvest of leads.

      There are many ways to get traffic. For beginners, a blog aka money site is a great start. This is your audiences portal for your current and future mediums.

      Of course traffic will only be good if you can rank your contents on Serps(Search engines). You can have the most epic content that can save all of humanity, but if you dont know how to network it for the world's eyes to see, all is in vain.

      The best, fastest and safest way to rank on Google is to have a mindset like a farmer.

      Every content you create are seeds that in the future will become your harvest.

      You can use different types of "seeds" like youtube seeds since its the second to Google as a search engine and you can rank pretty quickly on youtube even without any backlinks.

      You just have to optimize your youtube videos step by step:

      Step 1: keyword must be in title. Having a researched keyword on your title that you are trying to rank for. Same thing applies with your blog post title.

      Step 2: have a good description with your link to your blog post and blog site. Eg. - visit my site to learn more about how to increase google ranking -

      Step 3:Next create a mini blog on description with jeywords and lsi keyword.

      Step 4: put time stamps on key points on your vids at the beginning of your paragraph
      00:10 - i discuss about video marketing
      01:20 - i discuss about email marketing

      Step 5: create a bright image for your video

      Step 6: transcript. I know its hard work but to be on top you must do captions on your videos.

      Step 7: embed your youtube video on your blog.

      Step 8: optimize your blog post On page by using seopressor plugin

      Step 9: publish

      Step 10: create pyramid backlinks
      Low tier backlinks like comments ==> high tier links like web 2.0 ==> to your blog Aka money site.

      Step 11: post your blog link to your social mediums like facebook and youtube.

      While you wait for your content to rank on Google(may take a few weeks even Optimized), this is where you can invest on paid ads like, solo ads, ppv or ppc.

      This is by far the best way to scale your business and exposure. Your ATM is in your targeted responsive hungry list whatever niche it is so do your research on good solo ads and ppv providers.

      Once you get profit from sales, keep 30% for yourself and 70% reinvest back for your business and paid traffic to keep scaling and building your list.

      Finally, you must take care of your list like flowers. Watering them with inspirational and motivational stories of your own or others.

      Never shove your affiliate products down your list's throat all the time. There is time and place for everything.

      You should really build your relationship first by asking them what they need help with, what problems they may have or ask them for their opinion on topics.

      This is the best way I find to get people to convert. Making sales is important and without it your business dies but people never join business affiliates or buy products. People join people.

      People will join and buy from people they can trust because its a natural human reaction from relations.

      Hope this helps you out to get ranking on top, building your list and have converting traffic!

      Need a Coach to generate leads and TRIPLE your online business income?
      Let me Inspire and Empower You!
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    It all depends on your budget.

    If you have a massive budget right out of the gate, you can literally build a following overnight.

    Otherwise, you'll have to fight. Fight for every ounce of traffic, you'll have to build it slowly, and with more effort.

    On the plus side?

    The more you fight, the more you learn.

    And your tactics will be far superior to the luckier ones.

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    All of the information above is good and I agree with the methods being mentioned, but I haven't seen anyone talk about this yet...

    I built my first 10,000 subscribers in a very short time by using something I call "Mini Events"...

    It's essentially a smaller and more personal version of the large "JV Giveaway" events that were very popular many years ago.

    I ended up doing a WSO on the technique about 2 years ago so they are pretty popular today and pretty easy to find one to participate it. However, I feel that most people aren't getting the full benefit of them these days as folks don't take care of their partners...

    Just Google or YouTube "Mist list building events" and you'll find lots of information on them.

    Good luck.


    P.S. This viedo on YouTube will probably help...

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        Have you considered paying to use some else's list?

        If your offer is biz opp related you could look at ListJoe, ListBonus and Adtactics (these are just a few but there are many out there)

        Good luck
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    Don't go for list size, go for high quality leads. You can do this with a solid Search PPC campaign. Even if it costs you something like $1-$2 per lead, as long as they are STRONG leads, and you have a great funnel setup, then it should be profitable.

    And the great thing is, once this is setup correctly, all you have to do is run the same PPC campaign day in and day out and profit.

    PPC is great because you have the ability to target those who are actually SEARCHING for what you are offering vs Facebook PPC which is just an interruption. Not to say that FB ads don't work as well, it's all about the right targeting.
    Create and Differentiate. Illuminate Your Buyers Need or Wants. Grow Rich.
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    I would say if you have money start with solo ads - create a compelling offer. ie give something away for free and send traffic to it

    You can scale this up pretty quickly by alternating between solos and swaps with others
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    Solo Ads & Click Banking Combo

    Buy Solo Ads

    As soon as they opt in use a thank you meta refresh page to redirect traffic to you click banking partners.

    rinse and repeat
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    I believe that the question you should make is:

    ‘How to build a responsive email list?’

    It’s not a good idea to build your email list fast if you don't know what you are doing.

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    Hi Mace!

    What flows in quickly flows out quickly Imagine the tide. See the in wave, pounding the sand, then watch how fast the waves flow out.

    Patiently build a list, remove "quick" from the equation, and your impatient, possibly desperate, possibly greedy feelings will allow prospering ideas in, and then you'll build a solid, permanent foundation for long term prospering.

    Lesson. Learned. Here. The hard way

    All the best!
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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  • 1. First , you must have an account with an autoresponder like Aweber or GetResponse or the other

    2. Aren't you a member of the War Room ?
    Make the opt-in form using an autoresponder and share freebies in the War Room.
    Freebie list from War Room are highly qualified . Due to enter the War Room you must pay $ 37, the logic they are "list" of people who are ready to pay.

    3. Maintain the list. Give useful freebie regularly.

    4. When you've established a relationship, you can monetize that list.

    REMEMBER: Money is in the list, but the Real Money is in your RELATIONSHIP with your list

    Good Luck Mace1991
    Professional Animated Banner HTML5 Designer
    Make Your Banner Ads More Clickable
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      Originally Posted by Nurkholis Hidayat View Post

      1. First , you must have an account with an autoresponder like Aweber or GetResponse or the other
      This is very true! I love Get response because of the tools it give you and FIRST 30 days FREE with no credit that in itself sold me. Only because i was able to try it out and i fell in love with it. it is very simple.

      Email Marketing will grow your business faster than any other marketing medium!
      I use and recommend GetResponse:

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    Originally Posted by mace1991 View Post

    Anyone have any advice on getting a list built in short space of time??
    Paid traffic.. Ppc or ppv
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    Solo Ads

    Facebook PPC

    But, it doesn't matter how fast you would build your list. Before building your list, you should know email marketing so that your list will be your virtual asset for many years to come. So the point is, build your list, nurture your list hence people buy from people they trust.
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