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Is there still a demand for hand drawn sales videos or this is no longer a trend?

We might be able to create these type of videos and thinking about setting up a business providing this service.

Does anyone know the prices for hand drawn videos these days?

I am not trying sell this service in this thread as the business is not set up yet, I am just looking for some info on this type of product so I can make up my mind. I'd appreciate any feedback.
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    Prices for this service are dropping pretty fast thanks to Sparkol VideoScribe making it so easy.

    If you're going to do this, you'll want some reason why someone should choose you over doing it themselves for next to nothing.
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    I Paid $20 for a 2 minute video that had 5 slides. This was about a year ago from Fiverr: Graphics, marketing, fun, and more online services for $5. The quality was very good for this price. I do believe there is still a market for these types of videos but just not as big as it once was.

    As for Sparkol VideoScribe mentioned by StanHyeck I am sure they are good but their prices are too high especially if you only want one video.

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  • You're probably a little late into the game, however people still seem to be buying them on fiverr.
    There are also several services online who still manage to charge a few hundred dollars per minute to corporate clientele.

    Personally, I've always found those videos annoying and more suitable to entertain toddlers than for customers to watch, as I'm staring at a hand, drawing characters and writing words along with a voice over script.

    But hey, as it goes in Internet marketing, when something "appears" trendy or profitable, everyone jumps on it like a pack of wild dogs.
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    These videos can get pretty expensive. I think that hand drawn videos are on the rise and

    seem to convert very well. Do your research and go for it.
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    Late to the game is relative. There's a huge market for all kinds of stuff well outside of the MMO/IM crowd. If I were going to offer whiteboard animation I'd target offline clients with small businesses. Many of these folks have no idea what's hot or trending. There's still plenty of money in this.
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      Can't more than agree with travlinguy.
      I still have great customers offline for this sparkol-based creation business.

      The software itself has unlimited possibilities to expand our creativity.
      There's also many ways to create the drawing to make it just like real.

      If you can combine sparkol's software with others related... you can create more pro video result at the end. And those will get you paid higher than those fiverrers.

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        I find that business has really slowed down, and the prices have fallen too, so it's not quite the growth industry it used to be.

        Great copywriting helps, of course. And if you can do your custom cartoons (or have them made) that's a plus too.

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    I am an affiliate for a couple of animated whiteboard video services - the conversions are dropping off gradually all through 2014 - so yes, it does look like the trend is dropping.
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