How to get an app done without the idea being stolen?

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I have an idea for a mobile game app that I thin could take off in a big way.

My question is, how could I prevent the developer from stealing the app idea for himself?

Also, has anyone an idea where I would go to get such an app developed at a reasonable price?
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    You could always get them to sign a non-compete, or an NDA.

    Check out elance, odesk, or for developers.

    Just cause they can build an app, doesn't mean they can market it. Don't sweat it too much and just take action.
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  • Look into: "non disclosure agreements for app development" "non compete agreements for app development" "patents for app ideas" etc, Just Google some of those terms and you'll learn a little bit of what you can do in order to minimize the chances of a developer thinking about stealing your app idea.

    Remember, if no agreements are in place between you and a developer etc, and if your idea is a good one, you can be sure that people will try to duplicate it.
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    • Split up the work if you can manage it. However not always recommended. Don't worry too much about the idea getting stolen, I think it's the least important thing to concentrate on, focus on getting the product done and market, market market!
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    Here's my take on this:

    Even if somebody makes a clone of your app, they didn't have the idea in the first place and they don't have your vision, plans, or drive to make the idea succeed.

    The most successful products are successful despite the fact that they have sometimes hundreds of knock-offs.
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    Thanks for the replies. Do any of you have any experience in getting something like this done?

    What kind of price range are we talking for a simple mobile game app?
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      Originally Posted by bangwhosnext View Post

      Thanks for the replies. Do any of you have any experience in getting something like this done?

      What kind of price range are we talking for a simple mobile game app?
      You're looking into $2,000-5,000 when hiring someone on oDesk/Elance.
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    First, at a minmimum, it is critical that you make sure that you have a written agreement with the developer where the developer assigns to you all creations, inventions and IP developed by it, him or her in connection with the project. It doesn't matter that you are paying for these services. The law is very clear on this point. In the absence of such a written agreement, the developer - not you - owns all of the IP developed by the developer.

    Second, NDAs are perfectly enforceable. Perhaps you are confusing them with noncompetition agreements, which may or may not be enforceable based on the particular circumstances. The only drawback? If the developer tries to rip off your idea, it may very well take legal action on your part - meaning legal fees - to enforce the agreement. Any good NDA will allow you to recover such legal fees, but you will have to first finance the legal action and then prevail in order to recover your fees.

    Finally, you may want to consider other more practical options. For example, some companies will break up the project so that not one single person sees the entire project. That may not be practicable in your situation, but worth considering.
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