Easiest way to sell a PACKAGE of digital products?

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I'm really struggling to find a solution to this

Ejunkie was my first option but the folder was huge, even though it was zipped and so it was too big to send to people via email.

So now I'm looking at Amazon S3, but I have no idea how to connect a payment from Paypal with the digital files. How do I send people the link to my Amazon S3 folder?

For those of you that are selling a package of products, how do you do it?
It seems to be very complicated.
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    How big is big? Do you have a website hosting account? You could send people to a download page and then they could download the zipped file from there instead of email.
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      have multiple downloads from the same download page

      I do this all the time when I have a package to large to do at one time

      break apart the package

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        Originally Posted by sparrow View Post

        have multiple downloads from the same download page
        That would be my advice as well.
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  • Many of our audio related downloadable products are 1GIG - 2GIG etc... and so I was forced to look into multiple solutions over the years.

    There are several routes you can take, but some of those do have a bit of a learning curve, and therefore it all depends on how much time you are willing to commit to setting things up. Amazon S3 seems like a popular solution for large files, but I also see many "how to" questions on the forum relating to it.

    If you don't have your own website/hosting, and can't host the file yourself,
    try looking into services such as Tradebit.com (you upload your large file there, they host the large file, they give you a payment button/link for your customer to click on, when the customer purchases the item, Tradebit sends a secure link to your customers email, your customer then securely downloads the large file, and you get paid).

    If you do have your own website/hosting, then there are tons of marketplaces out there that you can work with. (Clickbank, Paygear, etc).
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    Use Zaxaa. Just create the product and add the links to Amazon S3. Easy peesy and FREE!

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    You can create multiple pages and then have each link go out to your readers/buyers.

    You don't need a special ZIP file.
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    Yep "hpgoodboy" has it right. I did mine that way the he described things this morning in my (signature link) WF Classiiifed Ad page. After the purchase it redirects the buyer to the login page for access. Got orders coming and it ALL has been working fine. That's as of 8.00am PST today.
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    • Thanks for all of your replies. I managed to do this in the end but it's taken me days to figure it all out!

      In the end I uploaded all files to Amazon S3 (which was incredibly quick unlike when I uploaded it to ejunkie).

      I then made a special 'welcome document' with all of the links that the customer needs to download the items and also giving my customer service email in case there are any issues.

      I uploaded this 'welcome document' to Ejunkie and fixed my price for my product - I then added the Ejunkie link to my website.

      So Ejunkie will collect payment and sends the 'welcome' doc automatically.

      After a bit of jiggling about between these different options, I decided against just using paypal buttons on their own (I'm taking payments through Ejunkie) as I think if you just use paypal on it's own it waits for 14 days before it pays you, which I wasn't happy about! I'm hoping Ejunkie doesn't do that, it didn't seem to on my test runs.

      Thanks again for all of your replies.
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    You might want to protect that download pages in a way. Not everyone will share publicly accessible product download pages but some unfortunately do. I don't know if there is a totally free way but you can start your search here.
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