Fix Google authorship problem

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Hi Everyone,

Below are few reason why your google authorship is not working.

1. You haven't connected your blog or website with your google plus profile.

2. Now if you have connected your blog to google plus profile but your profile name and the author name for any of your post is not matching. So make sure that author name and your profile name should match.

3. You are new and just started with blog and google plus.

4. Your page has no author name (Your name which is embedded with your google plus profile URL), in this case google is going to show that your authorship is working but you'd get "authorship rel=author markup" is not working or not established for the page/post.

5. Most of the time, poeple miss 4th point so make sure to add your name at the end of every post and also link your name with your google plus profile URL.

Hope it would help.

Have a nice day.

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