What to Do If I'm Not Desperate?

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What to do if I'm not that desperate?
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    Read and network with other successful IMers. Copy what they do if they are successful.

    Doing what everyone else is doing? You'll get the same results... 97% fail. Are you a sheep or a wolf? My team and I are changing the game. It's not as hard to make it online as you might think. Let's connect and see if we can help you.

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    Pretend that you are desperate and get something done.
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      Find a goal worthy of being desperate for and work your butt off making it happen. If you're not desperate, then whatever you are doing is not inspiring you. Find that thing that inspires you enough and you'll do what ever it takes to achieve it. You have to hunger for it. Go for it regardless if you are tired, if you are sick, if you don't feel like it or if you have to lose sleep over it. Unless you feel like that, good luck accomplishing your dreams.


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      Originally Posted by Joan Altz View Post

      Pretend that you are desperate and get something done.
      lol so true you'll get lazy if everything is getting to easy for you.

      You never should stop learning I have been in internet marketing for over 7 years and I'm always learning new tricks I can apply to my own business.
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    Use your favorite search engine to find what you like and learn
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    What the hell kind of meaningless question is this


    "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas Edison

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    I think that the single most valuable thing that any IM'er can do is establish themselves as an authority in a niche. Use all the tools of the trade to accomplish this, and understand that it can take substantial time But once there, you'll have a real business, rather than a never ending string of one-offs where you're always struggling to figure out "what next?".

    If you're not desperate, then take the time to do this.
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    If you're not desperate or if you are, stop expecting a blueprint to be handed to you. You're in an large Internet Marketing forum with thousands of pages of information.

    What exactly would you like to do other than make money in your pajamas? The information is here. Start digging and make your own blueprint.
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      I had a sales manager many years ago that wanted his reps to buy a new car, or a new house, so they would get more financially motivated to sell more.

      I am not a fan of getting desperate, but I am a fan of finding something that excites you and using it to motivate you to work harder.
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