How do you stand out on Craigslist?

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I just posted a regular descriptive ad on craigslist, and got 0 calls that day.
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  • Keep posting every few days, you can't expect 1 post to work. Try changing your headlines or adding images, it might help you get clicks.
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      Which ads sell more, the short ones or the longer ones?
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        Are you Spamming Craigslist

        If you are then you might be ghosted.

        Another thing to consider about your ad. People might not want what you are offering


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  • All depends on the product and a little bit of luck.

    Sure, you can format your headline to be more eye-catching, use high-quality copy, and take good pictures but sometimes it's just as simple as nobody wanting what you're looking for that day.

    For instance, I sold a juicer a few months ago. I probably renewed the ad 5 or 10 times and got almost no interest. Then, one day someone called me up, asked a few questions, and were at my door an hour later with cash in hand. I actually managed to sell it for the same price I paid for it, being the hustler I am.

    I've had identical things happen with several other products. Some things I've completely forgotten about and randomly get a call weeks later, when the post is buried ten pages deep.

    eBay is the same situation. I've had auctions expire without bids and then people are fighting tooth and nail for it when it's relisted. If you're selling something outside of the hot ticket, high demand items or your price is too high, you could go days or weeks with zero interest at all.

    Patience is key in those situations. I've made the mistake of slashing prices too early in the past when I really just needed to wait it out.
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    It can happen. Craigslist ads can bring you leads if they remain active for long but sometimes it may not get response. Posting everyday can bring some results too.
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    It all depends, is it for a service, selling something or posting a 'wanted' ad?

    In any case it should be similar, do a search and make that ad better than all of the others or a lower price or an extra bonus, etc, etc, etc!
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    Craigslist is not just post and I'm gonna bank. With all services you gotta post, re-post, and re-post until people has a chance to see your ad.
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    Look at similar items being posted on Craigslist. How long have those items been listed? Track listings to see which items are listed time and time again. Chances are, those items are the ones which are actually selling. Duplicate the other seller's efforts, clone their success.

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    Originally Posted by bigfoot12 View Post

    I just posted a regular descriptive ad on craigslist, and got 0 calls that day.
    I'm going to make an assumption based on the link in your sig. Your ad isn't working because it's not compelling. When people land on a blog or open an ad you need to capture their attention IMMEDIATELY. Based on the title of the page in your sig I'd guess you're in the diet market.

    What you're doing is making visitors guess. Don't do that. What you need to do is make it plain as day. The headline needs to be benefit oriented and compelling or the visitor is going somewhere where they see the page and feel the NEED to find out more.

    Again, I'm assuming your ad has the same flavor as your page and that's why nothing is happening. The good news is it's a relatively easy fix. Benefits. Compelling.

    Good luck.
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    Try to add call to action content in your ad content with attractive title..
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    Post on maximum classified websites and then have a chance to get calls or any lead.
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    Not having seen your Craigslist ad, I speak about the quality. It's just possible your ad wasn't any good. Did you include proofs or testimonials or before/after photos in the ad? Did you link to a third party site where all these things are contained? Photos are especially powerful on a classified ad site. And, they speak so clearly when your words fail.
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    You need a headline that stands out first and foremost. Then you need an ad that stands out.

    The ad cannot be generic whatever you do.
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    One thing that I like to do is to put a thick colorful border around the main picture of my ad. Think Lime green or hot pink. That should at least get you clicks. The rest depends on your title, copy, and how often you post.
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    Remember, not all ads work all the time in all markets, so testing is critical to maximizing your returns.
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      #1 Basic "ad copy" etiquette
      Capitalize first letter of every word in title. Keep Short And Sweet.
      #2 Don't Give Out To Much Info
      Title creates action to post and post gives strong call to action to want more info.
      Treat the title as one Object of interest with one objective, get the click.
      Treat body of ad as independent of final sales goal. Its goal is to get the click, call, email for more information.

      Be creative in your ad copy.
      Use cliffhangers like
      "7 Year Old Company Needs..."
      "Hard To Believe You Didn't..."
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    Originally Posted by bigfoot12 View Post

    I just posted a regular descriptive ad on craigslist, and got 0 calls that day.
    Craigslist isn't as easy as it used to be a couple of years back. The following factors need to be considered:

    1. What niche?
    Some stuff simply tend to get flagged right away because of spam issues (adult, JV, business ops etc.)

    2. What time?
    If you are posting a job ad on a weekend you won't get good response.

    3. Competition?
    Your ad needs to stand out.

    4. "Forbidden" Words?
    There are some spam words that trip that trip the alarm and ads get ghosted. This also happens if you post the same ads multiple times.

    5. Contact info?
    Legit contact info (apart from the CL email) keeps ads from getting flagged down.

    6. Header?
    The header is as important as the body of the ad, if not more.

    Hope that helps.

    P.S - If you plan to spam the platform, you're out of luck because of late CL has grown a brain of its own and its intelligent
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    Why just use one free classified when you can use all the top free classifieds Alexa - Top Sites by Category: Shopping/Classifieds/Free Classifieds
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      I wrote a book on how to effectively use Craigslist. Here are a few tips:

      Start by making sure you are using the right platform for what you are selling. Collectibles and brand names do well on eBay. Media and brand names do well on Amazon. Craigslist is great for bulky and common items.

      Use the free Craigslist account. Yes you can just approve your ads thru email But if you log in to Craigslist it is much easier to post and repost.

      Write clear ads with great titles and make sure they are in the right category.

      Most important - be persistent. Though some items tend to sell super fast, it may take repeated postings to sell others.

      Hope that helps!

      Pen Name + 8 eBooks + social media sites 4 SALE - PM me (evergreen beauty niche)

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    I would use a clickable images as it makes it more difficult to ghost you. Also I usually post 3 times a day at set times and they seem to be ok with that (mostly)
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    Change your content on every post
    and Change your Header on every post


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