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Hi all

Today I am starting the creation of my own product in an evergreen niche (relationships/dating/online dating). I have a few questions for those that have successfully created their own product.

First of all, here is my general plan right now:

-type up e-book as a document, save it in PDF format
-hire someone on fiverr or from a similar service to create an attractive book cover/packaging
-buy domain and hosting for a one or two page sales/pitch page. Make it attractive and intuitive
-get product accepted to clickbank

-email business/blog/site owners in my niche explaining how my product can add value to their customers, and therefor $$$ to their accounts
-forum marketing
-considering solo ads and PPC on facebook

1) How difficult would SEO be? Is it out of the question considering the competitiveness of the niche and the fact that I won't be consistently adding content as if it were a blog?

2) What other ways can I market it and drive targeted traffic?

3) Anything I should be aware of when trying to get my product approved on ClickBank? Would they approve a product that is a little promiscuous sounding?

PS not looking forward to this $50 ClickBank activation fee if this thing flops haha

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    Clickbank isn't the only place to sell ; JVzoo is free to use and there is that new one with a Z that is very affordable.

    Do you have a list already? Maybe create a small freebie and have this product as an upsell. You can then promote the squeeze page with solo ads and other things. There are many PPC ads on free dating sites too so don't forget those. You can do classifieds also.

    Best of luck with your project.

    keep moving forward

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    Here is my view on it,

    1) Depends on the exact keyoword you will target, any general keyowrd will be difficult. However, SEO is never impossible.

    2) I would do Faceook PPC, Media buy mainly. would not rely on organic traffic for a while if its a new site.

    3) They a a lot of guidelines, i don't remember them by heart, but you will find the links on the product creation forms.

    Hope this helps.
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    To get the most traffic in the fastest time possible, I would go with pay per click ads on Google and Yahoo. This gets you a good amount of traffic on a consistent basis.
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      If you have the funds and want to get things moving as soon as possible, the best way to go with this will be quality paid advertising. None of that 200,000 visitors for $10 crap. You need your ads placed in front of real people that have recently shown interest in products and services that are closely related to what you have to offer.
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    I stopped where you said you want to get your cover from fiverr or somewhere similar. Be careful. Make sure you verify that the designer has the right to use any image(s), otherwise you could find yourself in hot water.

    Decent and relevant images run more than five bucks and fiverr is notorious for attracting people who may occasionally misappropriate (accidentally of course) an image. If that happens and the owner of the image wants to be paid, it's you s/he's coming after not the fiverr designer. Good luck.
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