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I am curious what peoples opinions are on using abbreviations in a domain name, the purpose being to shorten the domain name, at the expense of some possible added confusion. For example, suppose I wanted to choose between the two domains:

(Not a perfect example, as obviously the second is also a play on words, but this is the idea). In the case in question, the spelled out version is two words and 14 characters, and the shortened version is 9 characters. Also, the two words are not important keywords, as the spelled out version is a brand.

To me, it seems best that since the 14 characters spells out the brand and is not a HUGE number of characters (though, I am not sure that long domains are even a big issue these days), that is the best way to go. Does anyone disagree, and think that shortening by 5 characters (to 9), at the expense of some possible added confusion, is worth it?

Oh, and for disclosure, I do own the above domains too (registered during this little naming dilemma of mine).
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    Personally I wouldn't create a domain with abbreviations in it.

    I think that would just cause problems down the road for branding purposes.
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      Don't abbreviate.

      Its twice as much a mental task for the consumer.
      First they will likely remember your brand name,
      then try to remember how you shortened it???

      If they are recommending your site to someone else
      (say over the phone) they may remember to cite
      the abbreviated domain name or they may not.

      Why complicate your marketing efforts. You main
      worry should be will everyone know how to spell
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    Thanks. Those were my thoughts as well. It's just that, to me, website names start to feel long once the go above ~12 characters. But, in this case, I agree that it is preferable to possible confusion.
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