U.S. Relinquishing Control Of ICANN & The DNS System!!

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I am sure this topic borders on going into a different section or forum.. but I believe it is too important to be overlooked..

Not sure what this may all mean quite yet.. especially when considered in the near term.. but this is quite interesting, significant to the industry I believe and could have some considerable longer term implications..

Not trying to create some type of hysteria or start some long drawn out debate about this here.. I know there are better places for that to be done online.. just trying to get the word out about it, so "At least we were aware and at least we were informed about it" before it comes back to bite us all in the ass. (imho)

This forum is meant for "Where We Talk About Making Money" who would have thought that one way we could make money might be to not have it syphoned away through an unaccountable global bureaucracy?

~Marketing Drones~

Consider the implications of this it may be one of the last chances we get to voice our concerns.

But besides that, its a pretty interesting and well written article the same..

Thank you WF.

You all are Rockstars"

Karl Borden: Get Ready for the Internet Robber Barons - WSJ.com
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